gravitational field Sentence Examples | Use gravitational field in a sentence

1.its oscillation depends on the strength of the gravitational field

2.he takes objects with masses which hang from strings and he lowers them in a gravitational field over a certain distance.

3.the gravitational field is so strong that the escape velocity near it exceeds the speed of light.

4.a neutron star has a gravitational field strong enough to generate x-rays.

5.this is usually an object that moves in response to a gravitational field.

6.the gravitational field is so strong that not even light can escape. instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth.

8.secondly, the current requirements of related disciplines to the accuracy of earth gravitational field are expatiated. enormous object, like the earth, generates a gravitational field, this field causes a downward pull on all objects near its surface.

10.he was able to come up with a gravitational field equation that showed how matter curved space and how curved space told matter how to move.

11.the contradiction showed that einstein gravitational theory can not describe the gravitational field of particles with spin.

12.aside from this, magellan was also responsible for tasks in determining the gravitational field, the magnetic field, the atmospheric structures, etc.

13.its suite of detectors designed to measure the planet's gravitational field in detail will be able to deduce jupiter's underlying structure. of thermodynamic properties of an ideal fermi gas in finite gravitational field

15.all you would have to do is use an extremely strong gravitational field, like that of a black hole, to bend space-time.

16.the moon was formed elsewhere in the solar system and was later captured by the earth's gravitational field. instrument used to measure variations in a gravitational field.

18.instead it predicts that time slows down in a gravitational field, making clocks run a little slower on earth's surface than in deep space.

19.any emitted photons are trapped into an orbit by the intense gravitational field; they will never leave it.

20.a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star; extremely high gravitational field.

21.when we throw up an object in a gravitational field, you have the trajectory in a plane.

22.potential function in gravitational field is solved through the equation and basic characteristics of gravitational field are studied. an example, the critical condition for the streaming gravity mode instability is discussed in a weak gravitational field.

24.from different angles some similarities are dug out in describing gravitational field and electric field. we conclude that the bending of light that we found in the accelerated system does indeed apply equivalently to a gravitational field.

26.a gibbon is better adapted than a man for life in a low gravitational field.

27.the gravitational field of the stellar corpse is so strong that it rips gas from the normal star.

28.a gravitational field or an electric field, you can't.

29.the sun with the celestial bodies that revolve around it in its gravitational field.

30.recently from the earth tidal observations, we have found evidences to prove that the gravitational field travels at the speed of light.

31.objects in a gravitational field experience a slowing down of time, called time dilation. the gravitational field of the earth, negative energy corresponds to bounded motion and positive energy to unbounded motion.

33.and that was that the gravitational field, due to mass, will deflect not only the trajectory of particles, but will deflect light itself.

34.according to phenomena observed during total solar eclipse, it can be pointed out that the velocity of gravitational field wave is equal to the velocity of light in vacuo.

35.gravity prospecting involves the measurement of variations in the gravitational field of the earth.

36.all relevant parameters like speed, gravitational field, time and temperature can be set.

37.describe, and use the concept of, weight as the effect of a gravitational field on a mass.

38.after six months in orbit, you lose your autonomic nervous system capacity to stand in a gravitational field.