Gravel Sentence Examples | Use Gravel in a sentence a certain extent, the water began to penetrate the pyramids area around the Gravel and continue eastward flow. was raining quietly and steadily and there were little pools of water on the Gravel drive

3.the sand fills up the spaces between the Gravel.

4.two young men were racing motorcycles on the loose Gravel

5.this area of former farmland was worked as a Gravel pit until 1964.

6.more Gravel is needed to fill the hollow in the drive.

7.the Gravel pits have been landscaped and planted to make them attractive to wildfowl

8.but eating a nutritious breakfast doesn't have to mean eating bark and Gravel in a bowl with a bit of milk on top.

9.i signed in and crunched across the Gravel to my room.

10.i've got half a ton of Gravel in the lorry but he won't sign my delivery note.

11.more Gravel is needed to fill the hollow in the driveway.

12.we heard the crunch of wheels on the Gravel drive.

13.the behaviour of this waste or broken rock is similar to that of a clean sand or Gravel.

14.the sand fill-ups the space between the stone and Gravel.

15.the components to be considered in this book include boulders, Gravel, sand, silt and clay.

16.the workmen mixed sand, Gravel, and cement to make concrete.

17.floods from melting glaciers helped carve this canyon, deepening it and removing most of its sand and Gravel.

18.the road was full of Gravel and very bumpy. i almost stumbled.

19.a strong hard building material composed of sand and Gravel and cement and water.

20.when you see a honest and nice person on such a show, it's kind of like finding a gem in a pile of Gravel.

21.over the Gravel so that the sun was scorching hot, the ground as if floating a layer of burning heat wave.

22.compared with the porcelain granule with a same grain diameter, Gravel and quartz sand can be cleaned easily. is wise to start infilling with a layer of Gravel for drainage. the silence, as she waited for his vow, they heard the sound of running feet on the Gravel outside the front door of the house.

25.i finished analyzing the debris that i vacuumed from the shooting range Gravel.

26.the sand went into all of the spaces left between the rocks and the Gravel.

27.unstratified soil deposited by a glacier; consists of sand and clay and Gravel and boulders mixed together.

28.made of packed earth or Gravel.

29.he found "a little rise of ground. . . white sand mixed with a little Gravel; scarce fit to bear anything. "

30.Gravel is much used for road-making.

31.sandstone and conglomerate are the consolidated equivalent of sand and Gravel.

32.concrete is made of cement, sand, and Gravel mixed with water.

33.we bought six bags of Gravel for the garden path.

34.the sudden arrest of his motion, the abrasion of one of his hands on the Gravel, restored him, and he wept with delight.

35.her feet scrunch on the Gravel.

36.Gravel root, parsley root and marshmallow root have been used historically for supporting normal fluid elimination.

37.the boat continued to advance, until its bows grated on the Gravel of the beach.

38.Gravel and cement unite with water to form concrete.

39.the water burbled over Gravel

40.i crunched across the Gravel.