Gratified Sentence Examples | Use Gratified in a sentence should be a time that you feel fulfilled and Gratified.

2.when they received the present, they were very pleased and we were Gratified then.

3.they were both taken by surprise, and seemed highly Gratified when i pinned the ribbons on their coats.

4.hearing the sound of "sorry", i was Gratified a little more.

5.we would often be sorry if our wishes were Gratified. was impossible to say how much he should be Gratified by being employed on such an errand.

7.he was Gratified to see how well his students had done.

8.i'm Gratified you were assigned to my ship.

9.when open eyes, it is Gratified to be been filled with happy and hope.

10.she was Gratified by her son's success.

11.i am also very pleased and Gratified to see such a large audience made up entirely of young people.

12.he was Gratified that his guess had been proved right. appreciate the sunset, in the moment, remember think of me, this makes me feel Gratified.

14.the people have been Gratified by this and have given their warm support.

15.the desire to see, for the sake of seeing, with the mass, alone the one to be Gratified, hence the delight in detail. dambar was Gratified by his response.

17.i was Gratified to hear that you enjoyed my new book.

18.i saw, the teacher Gratified, smile.

19.every whim will be Gratified.

20.we are Gratified to learn that our suggestion has been accepted. veronica anderson was a bit more pragmatic and encouraged her to pursue whatever path Gratified her most.

22.i am Gratified that they appreciate what i do for them.

23.i'm deeply Gratified that you decided to heed my guidance.

24.we Gratified our friend's curiosity

25.v. to feel pleased and satisfied i was very Gratified to hear how much they liked my work.

26.the news that they were well Gratified me.

27.i was determined not to let the publics business grind to a halt and was Gratified that the white house staff and cabinet felt the same way.

28."we are obviously Gratified that the district attorney agreed with my lawyers that this case had to be dismissed, " mr strauss-kahn said.

29.but i was Gratified to find he had not discovered the coral had come off one of my studs.

30.however, most makes me feel Gratified that i invented a cancer treatment can be completely good medicine.

31.i have been Gratified at the professional attention attracted by the problems in the initial version.

32.besides, i could see that she has also been adhering to her goal and ideal, which made me much Gratified.

33.i'm greatly Gratified at the smooth progress in the development of sino-russian relations.

34.i was Gratified to find that i'd had some effect.

35.elizabeth said nothing, but it Gratified her exceedingly; the compliment must be all for herself.

36.i was Gratified that there is gain when there is pain and i learned a lot from the experience.

37.we were Gratified to learn that you had passed the examination.

38.i will not deny that mr. harding felt Gratified by such flattery.

39.hindley, enjoying his discomfiture , Gratified to see what a forbidding young blackguard he would be compelled to present himself.