Gonad Sentence Examples | Use Gonad in a sentence

1.estrogen is one of steroid hormones, which is mainly synthesized and secreted by the Gonad.

2.the histological observations on the developmental Gonad of triploid pacific oyster, crassostrea gigas were conducted.

3.influence of androgen exposure in late trimester of pregnancy on Gonad development and reproduction function of filial female rats

4.study on arsenic trioxide of Gonad toxicities and possible mechanisms in rats

5.the effects of low lipid levels on Gonad development, Gonad index, the contents of serum estradiol and testosterone, sex ratio and the ration of mortality were significant.

6.at the same time, it was a negative correlation between gene expressions and Gonad indexes, and further studies were necessary. 3.

7.studies on Gonad and sex control in amur sturgeon

8.inducing sex hormone excrete, increase pelvis muscle durability, sperm production, increase pituitary Gonad neuraxis.

9.the inhibin, a glycoprotein hormone from Gonad, acts as a negative feedback regulator of fsh.

10.it is demonstrated that these metabolism signals can act on the level of hypothalamic, pituitary and Gonad.

11.it is often characterized with lymphocyte tumours in peripheric nerve, Gonad, iris, muscle, skin and other viscera of chicken.

12.this doctor is experienced in treating Gonad diseases.

13.it continued to grow physically, quickly become a major larvae, even in the metamorphosis to adult, it's the beginning of the Gonad zaosi.

14.environmental screening, computational and biological characterization of endocrine disruptors, in respect to receptor binding, embryo and Gonad physiology.

15.histological studies on Gonad of siganus canaliculatus in breeding season

16.discussions on the Gonad specific gene expression in mammals

17.objective research the influences of hypothalamus-pituitary-Gonad axis, hpg and aging with low temperature stimulus.

18.objective: to explore ct image of yolk sac tumor out of Gonad.

19.toxic effect of methoxychlor on the female rat Gonad

20.experimental study of toxic effect on female Gonad induced by n-hexane in rats

21.study on inheritance divergence of transposons in polyploidy fish and Gonad development of gynogenetic fish in molecular biology

22.mammalian primordial germ cells form and migrate to the Gonad during embryonic development.

23.the influence of nonylphenol on the Gonad of fishes and the accumulation in the tissue of fish body

24.the proteins of both Gonad and liver are lower, less that 70%.

25.indicating that cadmium causes the lipid peroxidation increase in the Gonad of the sea urchin.

26.studies on biochemical composition and histochemical reactions of Gonad and digestive gland of sinonovacula constricta

27.the influence of pollutants on the frog Gonad growth might lead to decline of amphibian animal population.

28.the histopathological changes of Gonad atrophy disease scallop of argopecten irradians lamarck were systematically studied by the way of histology and histochemistry at the light microscope level.

29.objective to study the effects of tail suspension on Gonad and spermatic hormone in male rats.

30.emphasis should be placed on the sex choice and Gonad treatment.

31.atz has adverse impact on the growth and development of aquatic life, also can affect the Gonad development and reproduction, the structure of testis, influence the formation of sperm and even cause its damage.

32.objective: to investigate the relationship between Gonad dysplasia and abnormal chromosome karyotypes.

33.the purpose of doing this experiment is to observe the toxicity to Gonad and kidney.

34.preliminary research of the differential expression protein of Gonad during the monopterus albus developing

35.the Gonad's appearance is saclike, inside has a cavity, and cells arrange like a strand that opens to the surface of the embryo.

36.Gonad of reared t.fasciatus can become mature under controlled conditions without migration.