God Sentence Examples | Use God in a sentence

1.God alone knows what she thinks.

2.to his followers he was a God.

3.why in God's name did you have to tell her?

4.the boss says you must wear a tie. and God help you if you don't.

5."my God, " he thought, "have i got the ring? " --and once more he went through the bridegroom's convulsive gesture.

6.God blessed him with a good son.

7.God, how i hated him!

8.please God, let him telephone me now.

9.ripley: what makes you think they're gonna care about a bunch of lifers who found God at the ass end of space?

10.we have lost everything, but thank God, our lives have been spared

11.he desired me to inform her that he had made his peace with God.

12.i have given thanks to God for delivering me from that pain.

13.if God so clothes the grass in the field which blooms today and is to be burned tomorrow in an oven, how much more will he clothe you?

14.i hope to God they are paying you well

15.God help him if he gets in my way

16.he'd discovered a broken frisbee, and appeared to be experiencing the sort of rapture saint teresa felt when visited by God.

17.if, God forbid, something goes wrong, i don't know what i would do.

18.and she said to elijah, what have i done to you, o man of God, that you have come to me to recall my iniquity and kill my son?

19.let God invigorate and energize you to do all that he speaks to your heart through his word.

20.i said 'this is not your kid. this is God's kid. and i can claim as much as you can claim.

21.i was wrong, thank God

22.'where is he now?''God knows.'

23.first, believe. believe God loves you and made you for his purposes. believe you're not an accident. believe you were made to la: forever.

24.what in God's name do you expect me to do?

25.God almighty, hart, you scared me silly.

26.'God help them,' he said. 'they're beyond help.'

27.may God have mercy on your soul.

28.you have no right to play God in my life!

29.are men God's gift to women? some of them think they are.

30.good God, it's mr harper!

31.oh my God he's shot somebody

32.God willing, there will be a breakthrough.

33.i wish to God i hadn't met you.

34.the first song is 11 minutes long, the last nearly the same, and, God help us, there's a drum solo along the way.

35.gunga spoke God knows how many languages

36.jesus endured in his pain because he knew that his father is a God of love who can be trusted regardless of how things appear to be.

37.by the word of the lord a man of God came from judah to bethel, as jeroboam was standing by the altar to make an offering.