Gnarly Sentence Examples | Use Gnarly in a sentence

1.near the mouth of the river is a sandy spit with low buildings decorated with oyster shells and Gnarly driftwood.

2.why a ca can often sound more Gnarly than it looks is a topic for a whole other article.

3.of the Gnarly, stinking, messed-up, gross cab.

4.he and his crew were Gnarly . they ate alligators , drank lead .

5.these impressive signorinas tackle the most Gnarly of cobblestones in high heels with the grace of a gazelle and the determination of an olympic athlete. the same time, Gnarly but critical concepts, such as the "money illusion" ( how inflation and deflation distort decision-making) or the way productivity serves as the primary driver of wages and living standards, shine through in all their richness and complexity.

7.if you're one of the last persons on earth, you'll need to cross some Gnarly terrain.

8.the same is true if the dough is looking dry and Gnarly . add warm water (a tablespoon at a time).

9.suede and canvas upper for a Gnarly look and a long last. blade is not only precise, but totally Gnarly.

11.long enough to see one Gnarly hand.

12.having been at the club all his senior career, black boots might be your Gnarly team captain.

13.a lot of times, you'll try to judge a bull by how his bugle sounds - if it's deep and Gnarly sounding. . . but this time, not so much.

14.experienced riders will like this surf place. when it's going off, it would be more than just a Gnarly ride for surfers.

15.example: champion surfers are attracted to the Gnarly surf along the eastern australian coast.

16.i just can't do this one. it's just too Gnarly.