Globefish Sentence Examples | Use Globefish in a sentence

1.a discussion on Globefish toxin and its processing and utilization

2.experience on emergency rescue of a poisoning caused by Globefish of Globefish for human consumption

4.and even the boat felt happy for the three men, who had caught a Globefish by accident.

5.determination of tetrodotoxin in Globefish by gas chromatographymass spectrometry home each year by "Globefish food festival" , attracting a lot of people come to enjoy.

7.recent Globefish are spawning season, fish poisoning is consumption of high-risk period.

8.lou artemisia montreal lo buds short, is to Globefish when.

9.especially the Globefish is a love-hate creature in this case, appetizing but poisonous. these three men were at all risk and sat down for the Globefish soup.

11.the elimination, detoxication, processing and multiutilization of toxin in Globefish are also discussed in this paper.

12.the season or time is unchangeable on the migration of Globefish and crane and cyclical movement of moon and crow of rooster.

13.a research on the processing craft of flavouring roasted Globefish fillets

14.the only surviving Globefish have highly toxic, but its delicious, tasting it is still the stream.

15.this competitions topic is needs to brave a life-threatening challenge ingredients-yellow Globefish!

16.Globefish , nutritious, delicious and rich fertilizer with game, is the odd smell in the aquarium are all up and down po.

17.the new year in japan, eating Globefish tradition represents giovanni cobolli gigli, everyone is blunt the.

18.i gutted a Globefish last year, and the customers praised me, and nothing happened to them.

19.prevention from Globefish poisoning

20.textual research into the edible history of chinese Globefish

21.the north sea is not known is not a pearl mermaid, but Globefish fish.

22.extract toxin from Globefish by biological method

23.analysis of Globefish poisoning from 1977 to 2007 in jiangyin city