George Sentence Examples | Use George in a sentence the last family wedding, George's wife counted the total number in the family

2.he'd tried to buy the film rights of all George bernard shaw's plays.

3.or rather, he threw two. both were aimed at the head of George w. bush, as he gave a press conference in baghdad this weekend.

4.George osborne, the chancellor, said the current turmoil showed that britain's approach was the right one.

5.'is it right she belted old George in the gut?' she asked.

6.i'm sorry, George. i know how you feel

7.the point is that this time there is no George soros-like speculator attacking the system.

8.she went to cambridge and rubbed shoulders with the likes of George bernard shaw.

9.George was sincerely anxious that his son should find happiness and security

10.he also designed one of the edinburgh university towers that overshadows George square

11.i don't believe that George ever had to punish the children

12.she knew many theatrical personalities and had worked, among others, with George bernard shaw.

13.George: you see, john. zhang has stood up for you already. i said you would get along.

14.magda is now married to George callerby and we are the best of friends.

15.mike asked George to trade places with him so he could ride with tod must admit George, you're talking absolute rubbish.

17.former sundance chairman, George jones, has been trying to help bereaved relatives cope with their sudden loss.

18.George granger has started a health centre and i know he's looking for qualified staff

19.i grab George's arm and dig my nails into his flesh

20.i found George's story very sad. please give him my best wishes

21.whopper wanted to change his story again, but he thought of George and decided to tell the truth.

22.but, alas, by the time George has thought all this, the ants are already dead and mopped up on a wet cloth and rinsed down the sink.

23.George had taught him how to ride a horse gates and mr mandela are easy to admire. one hero that many aids activists have difficulty accepting, though, is George bush junior.

25.George is a public relations officer for the john bennett trust.

26.we had a knowledgeable guide in the person of George adams.

27.then George bush would be ant sized and i'd put him in a matchbox so he couldn't come out. was George who first proposed that we dry clothes in that locker.

29.George fraser was clearly a good soldier, calm and resilient

30.George stood out in fair sight, on the top of the rock, as he made this declaration of independence.

31.'actually, that isn't what happened,' George corrects me was brilliant to hear George harrison in concert at the royal albert hall last week.

33.George ignored his partner's infidelities just seemed pretty booked up, but we managed to find a room at the George.

35.George ducked out of his forced marriage to a cousin

36.come on, George, we'd better get back now

37.the college is named after George washington.

38.responsibility for the dance numbers was split between robert alton and the young George balanchine.

39.i met George well over a year ago.

40.she cites a favourite poem by George herbert