genome Sentence Examples | Use genome in a sentence

1.we present a format for efficient storage of multiple tracks of numeric data anchored to a genome. the last few years, biologists have been able to scan the whole human genome for the signatures of genes undergoing selection.

3.this result indicated that leguminous nodulin homologous genes existed extensively in rice genome.

4.we show that another function of the c-terminal domain is to translocate the genome into the procapsid.

5.a genome contains information about every position along chromosomes, the structures that hold genes.

6.mostly lost in the ceremony was the fact that the genome sequence was not truly complete, but only a first draft.

7.this would explain why the human genome has no trace of neanderthal dna despite the two similar species living close together for millennia.

8.we also summarized the progress of the alignment of genome.

9.all this represented not a failure, but a dawning realization of just how extraordinarily complicated each genome is.

10.but for now analysts work with a snapshot of that genome, represented by an arbitrary number of markers spaced along it. a separate development, another team reported completing a genome of the organism responsible for late blight.

12.comparative genome analysis tools lead to further understanding of evolutionary processes, quickening the pace of discovery.

13.human genome research is casting new light on alzheimer's disease. is unknown how much translational control is exerted by mirnas on a genome-wide scale.

15.the dna amplification technique is used in genome sequencing, forensics and the diagnosis of various diseases.

16."this enabled us to sequence the whole genome within a week, " he said.

17.the mtb genome is not the only new source of data able to provide insight into the tb bacterium's potential vulnerabilities.

18.chinese scientists announced yesterday they had completed sequencing the genome of giant pandas.

19.a genome contains all of the genetic information about an organism.

20.the record for world's smallest genome has been smashed by a bacterium that lives inside a sap-feeding insect.

21.they were comparing notes on each other's progress towards solving that most taxing of all puzzles: the riddle of the human genome

22.a new method for rapidly extracting genome dna from maize embryo was proposed.

23.objectives: 98% of dna sequence in human genome belongs to non-coding sequence.

24.genetic map constructed by molecular markers is a powerful tool for analyzing plant genome structure and function.

25.conclusion: the generation of genome sequence and dna methylation data is expected to accelerate greatly.

26.the human genome contains thousands of these ltr fragments.

27.a genome sequence might provide answers to major questions about the biology and evolutionary history of an organism.

28.initially, three core courses were developed: sequence similarity search, genetic variation, and human genome resources.

29.the genes that make up our genome are the blueprint of our biology.

30.this work builds on previous collaborations between washington university oncologists and the genome institute.'s a fundamental property of the genome and of cells, but it's been a little forgotten in the focus on sequence.

32.this is the first time a native bacterial genome has been grown successfully in yeast.

33.yet, just one genome can reveal the genetic diversity of an entire population.

34.single nucleotide polymorphisms ( snps) is another new genetic marker studied after human genome project.

35.except for sperm and eggs, each animal cell has two complete copies of the genome.

36.the team compared these with the us national center for biotechnology information ( ncbi) reference human genome. of the great hopes nurtured by the human genome project was that it would crack cancer open.

38.the human genome is a map of our genetic structure.

39.reactivation between 2 related viruses is the recombination of genome between an active virus and an inactivated virus.