Geniuses Sentence Examples | Use Geniuses in a sentence's a show where minds of Geniuses don't always translate into brilliant social skills.

2.i mean, they may not really be Geniuses.

3.even the most assured among us can see their confidence erode when they're surrounded by Geniuses.

4.he is the genius of all Geniuses.

5.the people who are traditionally regarded as Geniuses are the people i refer to as conceptual. could be forgiven for thinking that these men are the british Geniuses referred to in the title.

7.parent alert: the walt disney company is now offering refunds for all those "baby einstein" videos that did not make children into Geniuses.

8.he wastes his time over his writing, trying to accomplish what Geniuses and rare men with college educations sometimes accomplish.

9.for him to explain his solution to me than it took for me to explain the project or task. one challenge with hiring Geniuses.

10.the real Geniuses simply have their bright ideas closer together.

11.Geniuses are supposed to be eccentric and hopelessly impractical. and your parents can stop worrying, for faulkner, edison, darwin and lots more were far from being Geniuses in their teens.

13.we are children, we are not Geniuses, we are very tired, we are crying, we are all busy.

14.he was one of the very greatest scientific and mathematical Geniuses.

15.this time the Geniuses seem to have created a "lemons crisis" , after the celebrated paper by the nobel laureate george akerloff*. the world, there are so many Geniuses walking into grave unobtrusively every day.

17.another word'supernova'indicates these Geniuses having splendid early age of their business. this the movie about babies that are Geniuses?

19.the people who do it well are creative Geniuses.

20.acknowledge that some of the greatest contributing Geniuses in your technology age did not have college degrees. . . bai and du fu were two great Geniuses in the tang dynasty.

22.if terra firma had not invested, it would still have 90% of its fund and 'would look like Geniuses, ' hands said at the time. know a lot of Geniuses, y'know. you should meet some stupid people once in a while, y'know, you could learn something.

24.everyone is a genius at least once a year. the real Geniuses simply have their bright ideas closer together.

25.that i've given to allthe Geniuses i know.

26.that precise information is beyond even the calculations of the great Geniuses of science and their powerful computers.

27.being creative is not something for mad people or Geniuses.

28.after several generations, some Geniuses are born to rewrite history.

29.i have friends who are Geniuses, but they cannot communicate effectively with other human beings and, as a result, their earnings are pitiful. are natural language-learning Geniuses.

31.are Geniuses less happy?

32.for this reason, a lot of Geniuses throughout history have been chronically depressed.

33.experts and Geniuses, therefore, are employed by the dealers, though often trained by the automaker.

34.the world is always ready to receive talents with open arms. bery often is does not know what to do with Geniuses.

35.and the Geniuses made plenty more hits, all gems that can be smartly repackaged into kid attracting albums.

36.screwing up is part of life. even great Geniuses make mistakes.

37.if children grew up according to early inclination, we should have nothing but Geniuses.

38.accordingly, the state-capitalism-here-we-come crowd concluded that the chinese were, once again, proving themselves strategic Geniuses.

39.there's no denying that many people who are generally considered to be Geniuses also have high iqs. know, you guys are Geniuses.