Generate Sentence Examples | Use Generate in a sentence

1.the company, new england electric, burns coal to Generate power. you will create a more complex data template: one that will Generate a data table. help this along, monkeybars provides a rake task to Generate these files.

4.users navigate various forms to input and manipulate data, and they Generate reports.

5.we had to have an actor who could Generate real empathy. plus he had to carry the audience through a lot of plot.

6.however, how much speed you can Generate at the lactate threshold is also important. investing in efficient plant it could Generate lots of valuable carbon credits to sell to wealthier, more wasteful nations.

8.epc is meant to be a general measure of the productivity of a product to Generate commissions for an affiliate.

9.he's got fields of the stuff down on his farm, but as a cash crop there was one big problem: it didn't Generate much cash. idea seems to Generate another, inspired by the unique way someone else has decided to make use of the tape.

11.generally you want to Generate attraction with your opener then try to get through qualification as quickly as you can.

12.this book will continue to Generate excitement for a long time. Generate this key, a password must be associated with this id; however, this id should not be able to log onto the system.

14.the first section of a yacc file defines the objects that the parser will manipulate and Generate.

15.a neutron star has a gravitational field strong enough to Generate x-rays.

16.this commercial forest is very productive and can Generate good economic returns.

17.the paradox of exercise is that while using a lot of energy it seems to Generate more

18.the script might Generate data, start and stop system services, or manipulate files and directories.

19.finally, we'll use mdd to Generate a web services solution that can be deployed and executed.

20.a lot of economic law disputes, which Generate from the real life, need to be settled.

21.once you have authored your bpel process, you can Generate a monitor model for that process.

22.research by the seo institute for the economic affairs ministry in february said at best the world cup would Generate € 400m for the netherlands.

23.most cities Generate a complex brew of pollutants.

24.the timing of the minister's visit, however, could somewhat detract from the goodwill it's supposed to Generate.

25.but natural populations have had thousands of years to Generate these variations: the epirils managed to do it in just eight generations.

26.Generate the application ( includes generating basic code and directories).

27.the project is designed to Generate around 30 megawatts of power for the national grid.

28.this will help convince the bank that your firm will Generate the cash flow necessary to repay the business loan.

29.the employment minister said the reforms would Generate new jobs.

30.then you can Generate the transaction reports. you are going to Generate a model that will use xml. this case, the xml output stage can be used to Generate xml output.

33.with this data, i Generate a simple javascript function in a simple html file.

34.these nerve centres Generate rhythmic movements; or to be more specific, rhythmic stomach movements

35.this should Generate the required. swf file.

36.users can Generate reports from the process model and the simulation results.

37.the idea of fish being able to Generate electricity strong enough to run an electric motor, is almost unbelievable. running the right knee at the ball, hogan was able to Generate terrific speed in his lower body.

39.a good rule of thumb is that a broker must Generate sales of ten times his salary if his employer is to make a profit processor architectures continue to appear, and new research finds better ways to optimize and Generate code.