Gastrostomy Sentence Examples | Use Gastrostomy in a sentence

1.abstract: percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy ( peg) is a well-established microinvasive procedure to provide enteral nutrition for various patients.

2.nursing experiences of 36 cases of percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy

3.objective to evaluate percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy ( peg) for long-term enteral nutrition in patients with cancers of head and neck.

4.objective to assess the effects of self-expandable metallic stents ( covered-sems) and percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy ( peg) in the treatment of tracheoesophageal fistulas.

5.they contraindicated for percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy, and then received percutaneous fluoroscopic Gastrostomy in local anesthesia.

6.objective: discussion of the clinical value of percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy (peg).

7.objective: to elucidate the value of percutaneous endoscopy Gastrostomy (peg) under endoscopy in patients with severe head injury.

8.this systematic reviews seeks to make a contribution to best practice in percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy placement.

9.effects of breathing mechanics of critical patients with mechanical ventilation be treated by endoscopic Gastrostomy and jejunostomy calming with propofol

10.control group was 27 cases of late-stage esophageal carcinoma who suffered from dysphagia and were treated by Gastrostomy and intravenous nutrition.

11.methods 35 cases endoscopes Gastrostomy downlink the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care to comfort measures.

12.enteral nutrition and percutaneous endoscopy Gastrostomy in patients with severe head injury and Gastrostomy in 3;

14.methods a thread was put in the patient ′ s esophagus after Gastrostomy.

15.clinical application of percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy

16.of 7 cases of percutaneous Gastrostomy, liquid diet was given 2 days after operation.

17.application of the double purse string suture for the close of the Gastrostomy stoma in the reconstruction of esophagus with gastric tube

18.percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy ( a report of 6 cases)

19.clinical analysis of percutaneous fluoroscopic Gastrostomy nursing of enteral nutrition therapy per stoma of jejunum after total gastrectomy

20.objective: the purpose of this study was to report perioperative application of percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy ( peg) in 2 radiative enteritis patients.

21.Gastrostomy is necessary to maintain adequate nutritional status but mothers need training in feeding techniques.

22.objective to evaluate the application value of percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy ( peg) for home nutrition support in patients with stroke and post-traumatic brain.

23.percutaneous transesophageal Gastrostomy tube placement: an alternative to percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy in patients with intra-abdominal metastasis.

24.the cervical esophagus of canis familiaris was partly replaced with tee and Gastrostomy feeding was conducted after operation.

25.conclusions Gastrostomy is better than nasal feeding and metal mesh stent with special plastic film in perforated esophageal carcinoma.

26.of those who remained Gastrostomy feeding, only 30% ambulated independently while the other 70% were wheel-chair bound or bed-ridden.

27.gastrogavage were performed in 6 cases, Gastrostomy in 1 case and jejunostomy+ Gastrostomy in 1 case;

28.complications of video-assisted Gastrostomy in children with malignancies or neurological diseases

29.objective to seek the effective prevention and nursing measures against Gastrostomy gavage complications.

30.image-guided percutaneous Gastrostomy in neonates with esophageal atresia

31.objective the purpose of this study was to report percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy ( peg) applied in the treatment of advanced malignancy intestinal obstruction for gastrointestional drainage.

32.under local anesthesia percutaneous Gastrostomy was performed in 6 patients for long enteral nutrition.

33.percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy (peg) is a well-established microinvasive procedure to provide enteral nutrition for various patients.

34.methods strict observation of the respiratory and circulatory functions, careful management of the respiratory tract, nutritional replenishment, prevention and control of infection, meticulous nursing care of pyothorax patients and strict management of patients with esophageal exteriorization and Gastrostomy were the measures adopted.

35.a Gastrostomy was performed on62.1% of patients, 42.8% had recurrent strictures and19% are still on a continuous dilatation programme.

36.objective to explore the feasibility of preparation of porcine model of hepatic cirrhosis by Gastrostomy tube assisted with diet control.

37.effects of self-expandable metallic stents and percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy in the treatment of tracheoesophageal fistulas

38.the comparative study between percutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy and surgical Gastrostomy