Garnered Sentence Examples | Use Garnered in a sentence

1.durham had Garnered three times as many votes as carey d'aloisio became a minor tech celebrity, and his efforts Garnered numerous print-media articles and tv appearances.

3.the timing is most auspicious for mr. radcliffe, whose performance in "equus" in london Garnered admiring reviews., there's no guarantee that a climate bill could have Garnered 60 votes in the senate if it had come up for a vote after the stimulus. area that has Garnered particular attention is early education& preschool and kindergarten.

6.radcliffe, whose performance in "equus" in london Garnered admiring reviews. pursuit of this, the country has formulated a three-part request, which has Garnered support from leading american and european economists.

8.the automotive and electronics sectors have Garnered the bulk of japanese funds both last year and so far in 2010.

9.his priceless collection of chinese art and artefacts was Garnered over three decades.

10.over the years, mr sata has Garnered a reputation for populist rhetoric and he has previously said he would kick out bogus investors. star taylor swift Garnered eight grammy award nominations.

12.his lawyer has Garnered considerable evidence in his defence. far, the cop watch app has not Garnered evidence of police misconduct. usage has been low.

14.due to its unique designs and ethereal beauty, the garden has Garnered many special honors.

15.the finale Garnered more than 12 million clicks since its february 6 release.

16.a certain amount can be Garnered from the british press.

17.disney's real talents as an organizer and story man began to emerge during the making of the "oswald" series, which Garnered good reviews.

18.displaying media savvy, they Garnered considerable publicity for their service and fellowship activities.

19.these issues Garnered ejb a bad reputation in the development community& in many cases, deservedly so. the time, many weren't sure this was the right move, but the blog shot up in popularity and eventually Garnered over 30, 000 subscribers.

21.when the potato have been Garnered up, the grind is plow over for sow.

22.resolutions to give shareholders a non-binding vote on managers'pay have Garnered decent levels of support.

23.some banks seemed to assume that markets would be constantly liquid. risky behaviour Garnered huge rewards; caution was punished., meanwhile, Garnered a 63% share of tablet shipments with its ipad. conservation and potential tourism boosts are not the only reasons that year-round daylight saving has Garnered some support.

26.his avoidance of this tendency helps explain the respect his work has Garnered.

27.america's state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles also Garnered a great deal of attention.

28.when all the fruit is Garnered in, the farmers can rest.

29.mainstream agile development processes and practices, of which there are many, have certainly Garnered a lot of attention in recent years.

30.when the potatoes had been Garnered up, the ground was ploughed over for sowing.

31.although the importance of loose-coupling has been known for some time, the dialogue around this post has Garnered some interesting discussion.

32.seventeen-year-old kurt coleman has Garnered an enormous following online by posting selfies and boasting about his good looks.

33.though eslite's expansion has Garnered buzz, some cultural critics are greeting the chain with ambivalence.

34.the two helicopters have Garnered a great deal of attention.

35.about 27% of its videos have Garnered more than 1 million views each.

36.some nights i gathered many blood-dappled coins, but Garnered neither lives nor knowledge.

37.for instance, information Garnered from search engines such as google and baidu can help to verify identity. its two world tours, 100 ex Garnered positive comments from customers and the media alike.

39.but the real impact has been a video that has Garnered hundreds of thousands of hits on the web.