Funeral Sentence Examples | Use Funeral in a sentence

1.he was given a state Funeral.

2.they were a gift. i gave them freely to the fans and those who weren't able to come to his Funeral.

3.their grief turned to hysteria when the Funeral procession arrived at the cemetery were at his Funeral.

5.heidi wanted me to go with her to the Funeral.

6.he has bought a big Funeral wreath for his dead grandfather.

7.isn't it a little wrong to wear a dead man's design to his own Funeral?

8.i felt i ought to show my face at her father's Funeral.

9.his Funeral will be on thursday at blackburn cathedral

10.the Funeral will be carried out this afternoon at 3.00

11.thousands of people attended the Funeral

12.of the Funeral he remembered only the cold, the waiting, and feeling very lost francois mitterand's Funeral, his wife, mistress and illegitimate daughter all publically mourned the president.

14.the sixty-five-year, old woman, kuttu bai, sat on the Funeral pyre with the head of her dead husband on her lap.

15.the old man didn't have any offspring, it was some friends who helped handle his Funeral arrangement.

16.laughing and joking are improper at a Funeral. heathcliff said he did not perceive that i was wanted; but i might stay and order the arrangements for the Funeral, if i chose.

18.he gave a speech during his teacher's Funeral.

19.none of my business, i guess. it's your Funeral.

20.mrs. li from harbin city, heilongjiang province, spent nearly 78-hundred yuan on her mother's Funeral.

21.i shall pay for my coffin and Funeral.

22.on march 17th he had his wish, or most of it: a state Funeral for all the poilus at les invalides, and then a simple family burial.

23.even children must behave with gravity at a Funeral.

24.a Funeral wake was in progress.

25.after the Funeral, my life changed.

26.tchaikovsky was given a state Funeral — the first commoner to be granted this honour

27.many friends attended the old lady's Funeral.

28.he had to bring forward an 11 o'clock meeting so that he could get to the Funeral on time

29.bishop silvester officiated at the Funeral

30.a group of venetian residents concerned about this marked the city's population decline with a mock Funeral procession.

31.the Funeral arrangements conform to the principle of simplicity.

32.where you been? the Funeral's about to start.

33.they spoke of it as though it had been the Funeral of a near but unloved kinsman.

34.when you prearrange your Funeral, you can pick your own flowers and music.

35.i came from a Funeral.

36.i had emily's Funeral this morning.

37.a Funeral is not the place for humour.

38.he had nothing to do with arranging the Funeral, but came along to pay his last respects.

39.thousands of egyptians have attended the Funeral in alexandra of a woman from the city who was stabbed to death in a german court last week. the Funeral she was dry-eyed and composed.