Frusta Sentence Examples | Use Frusta in a sentence

1.structural analysis and reinforcing procedure of generator Frusta combination of underground powerhouse based on ansys composite construction based on ansys and it's computational program for reinforcement the program of the optimization design and the reinforcement calculation was given at last.

2.the application of strong ramming rubble pile Frusta composite foundation reinforcement

3.large-scale elbow piece concrete Frusta structure optimization

4.there are three instrument Frusta in the room.

5.the measure to improve the structural performance of the short main Frusta rigid frame bridge

6.numerical simulation of three-dimensional flow for spillway containing Frusta

7.the steel cover box's sinking& constructing of sealing bottom under water preventing bump Frusta engineering in the main sailing hole's of the eastern sea bridge

8.measuring and appreciating for the magnetic differences and the azimuth between Frusta in seismic standard station of chengdu

9.the surface hole of pre-stress gate Frusta optimizing design in ankang waterpower station

10.but after a period time of working, the position and straightness of the kiln will be influenced by several things like: different subsidence depth of the supporting Frusta, imprecise adjusting of the supporting wheel, abrasion of the supporting parts.

11.and their comparisons for the key structures such as floor, the Frusta wall of flow passage and the wall of check repair room are made.

12.geometry nonlinearity analyzed of uniform cross section flexibility Frusta

13.the application design of military use Frusta beam in high Frusta and big across sprinkling box beam

14.base on his experiences for handling this kind of matters, the writer introduces steps and methods of repairing works after break of steel tube stake of supporting Frusta.

15.the application of cooling pipe in temperature controlling of sluice gate Frusta

16.the bored piles 2.8 m in diameter and 120 m in length were adopted in the foundation of d13 Frusta under a bridge.

17.between the top board of the support and girder, between the bottom board and Frusta when the level power is three times of the design horizontal supporting capacity.

18.screw anchors assembled on light-rail of chongqing are the key research objects of this paper. based on the characteristic of the structure, screw anchors which link rail girder and Frusta is the key force component. their health are very important.

19.job practice with low-Frusta and beam-cradle

20.application of intelligent prediction to time-effect deformation analysis for the partition Frusta of three gorges permanent shiplock

21.the energy absorption capacity of a Frusta ( conical and inverted conical) were given in the end of this thesis.

22.treatment and resumption of underwater fractured steel tube stake of steam-ferry dock supporting Frusta

23.applying soft rock strata to carry the grateful to experiment design to dig a bore enlarge bottom stake Frusta has importantly influence upon dynamic response of pile and pillar Frusta that the saturation sand stratum is liquefied or not.

25.the design feature of manual excavated pile and Frusta-like foundation in shenyang city are also introduced, which is provided to designers for reference.

26.application of underwater controlling demolition in Frusta steel-cofferdam construction of the main bridge

27.simplification of the derivation of influence coefficients for symmetric Frusta of shells of revolution