Fruitive Sentence Examples | Use Fruitive in a sentence

1.the wise should not create discord in the intelligence of the foolish who are attached to Fruitive actions; being unattached he should perfectly perform all his prescribed activities, keeping them fully engaged.

2.procreation and the desired development in the material existence of the physical bodies of all living entities is delineated as Fruitive actions. support for Fruitive in the preceding layer and easy-to-hot stamping process. who knows in this way, he never becomes entangled by reactions to Fruitive actions.

5.studies on photosynthetic characteristics of grafted cucumbers in Fruitive period by different rootstocks

6.arjuna, by spiritual intelligence discard Fruitive actions which certainly are abominable and aspire for the refuge of the science of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness by this spiritual intelligence. in the market economy environment, only thing Fruitive become, the chinese spirit of adventure gradually began to play out.

8.within the jurisdiction of the time element, everyone enjoys or suffers the result of his own karma, or Fruitive activities.

9.moreover these activities should be performed as duty, renouncing attachment to Fruitive results;

10.beguiled by the false identification of the bodily senses of the material nature they become entangled in Fruitive activities, one in perfect knowledge should not disturb those unintelligent persons lacking knowledge.

11.encourage his with fitness for the purpose of yoga movement form of creative services, better to our country yoga fitness crowd for guidance. 4 our yoga operating organs multifarious, curriculum disorder, its become commercialized opportunity Fruitive tool under.

12.arjuna, just as a blazing fire turns wood to ashes; similarly the fire of knowledge turns all reactions from Fruitive activities to ashes. card carrier is business card content Fruitive, also known as business card media.