Frisk Sentence Examples | Use Frisk in a sentence

1.often the police will Frisk them anyway, and search their cars as well.

2.didier drogba says chelsea are paying in europe for the anders Frisk affair.

3.a timid, capricious, Frisk yet sentimental and quiet girl ( though i am not crazy about this word "sentimental" ) almost emerged in my mind.

4.if i was going to mexico, i wanted to be on the water, but that house is completely amazing, said ms. Frisk, a graphic designer and design consultant in the west town neighborhood of chicago.

5.and undertaking my Frisk and void soul.

6.a newborn foal looks very strange with wobbly legs that are too long for its body. a foal can Frisk at its mother's side a few hours after birth.

7.what if they Frisk me? was great fun to plunge my hand into the bowl and feel the tadpoles Frisk about, and to let them slip and slide between my fingers.

9.he gave michael a thorough Frisk for a weapon.

10.then with a doleful sigh, he gave michael a thorough Frisk for a weapon.

11."i accepted death. the feeling was 'let it come', " said Frisk.

12.are they going to Frisk all the passengers?

13.drago pushed him up against the wall and Frisked him.

14.the Frisk economy in the economic area of south jiangsu calls for more and stronger spirit impetuses, intelligence supports and culture inputs.

15.but i can't let you Frisk me.

16.did i tell you to Frisk the guard?

17.swedish referee Frisk retired from football two years ago after a bust-up with blues boss jose mourinho in barcelona.

18.she sparkplugs the idea of Frisk competition, , which touches off the interest and taste of arithmetic and computer science.

19.they gave him a thorough Frisk for drugs.

20.great, we're homeless. she lives here? wow! you had your chance to Frisk her.

21.sara Frisk never thought about traveling to mexico city until a stranger named pilar mu&# 241; oz invited her.

22.the policeman found the man was a fugitive during a stop and Frisk for weapons.

23.after he stopped struggling, the bear went out of the den, thinking he was dead. Frisk is reported to be recovering well at home.