Frightening Sentence Examples | Use Frightening in a sentence

1.she sees them as spirals of light behind people; their human form, she says, is just a disguise to make them less Frightening.

2.i think it's Frightening rather than exciting.

3.i have come to the Frightening conclusion that i am the decisive element.

4.the whole car shuddered with an almost Frightening surge of power

5.she was just trying to comfort you, what's so Frightening about that?

6.official advice is often Frightening.

7.for our society and country, this is a very Frightening prospect.

8.surprise, and i jumped to my feet. a Frightening shape had come out of the fog. it was a dog, a.

9.which doesn't sound that scary, but it was the most Frightening experience of my life.

10.alzheimer's can be a very Frightening and debilitating disease for the patients and the families as well. day, i hear Frightening news: we are being shipped to another camp. boredom was so Frightening that i know.

13.the magnitude of the epidemic was Frightening. was a very Frightening experience and they were very courageous

15.or the person might have had a very Frightening experience, like being chased by an angry dog.

16.i know. it's surprising how Frightening things attract us.

17.description: the smurf attack is a very Frightening form of denial of service attack due to its amplification effects.

18.she speaks horrid things in her sleep, Frightening the servants.

19.though i find these fallacies to be laughable, i also find them rather Frightening.

20.the fishermen said the company's seismic survey was Frightening away fish

21.this is a new problem probably not yet unavoidable; but it is a Frightening trend.

22.not so far as i can see. that is really Frightening.

23.offer yourself compassion as you see that heading off into unknown territory is Frightening. was the height of the cold war, a Frightening age of fallout shelters and "duck-and-cover" drills.

25.bullying can indeed be distressing and Frightening for those at the receiving end.

26.but apparently performing for the president was quite a Frightening experience and her performance left much to be desired. was a very unpleasant and Frightening attack.

28.josh green, chief executive of panjiva, said the numbers "paint a Frightening picture of the state of the world's suppliers" . was Frightening and strange, and forever changed the way i feel in a thunderstorm.

30.pandemic became a hugely Frightening word in the minds of the public and the media.

31.i think they are cruel and Frightening.

32.the number of youngsters involved in crime is Frightening.

33.'frankly i found it rather Frightening.' — 'a little startling,' mark agreed.

34.his aspect was Frightening.

35.i read a Frightening story which took place in a haunted house.

36.going into that deep, pitch-dark cave was really Frightening.

37.i know it must be a Frightening experience for you, evelyn.'s a Frightening thing to kill so many miners in the accident.

39.was this the answer to the Frightening riddle of tara's silence?

40.i had a Frightening encounter with a poisonous snake.