Fright Sentence Examples | Use Fright in a sentence untrained horse had taken Fright at the sound of gunfire

2.a tree fell on the house and gave him a Fright. mother gave my girlfriend and i such a Fright when she caught us kissing in the dark.

4.i thought you were hurt-what a Fright!

5.she turned pale with Fright.; her face paled with fear.

6.they took Fright and ran off.

7.a girl screams in mock Fright.

8.when he couldn't find his mother in the department store, the little boy began to whimper in Fright.

9.connect small s oneself, seem to be drive also oneself just said of words get a Fright.

10.when costs soared, the studio took Fright and recalled the company from rome.

11.when i went to the witness stand, i had stage Fright.

12.she had such a Fright that she fainted.

13.the last time you had a real Fright, you nearly crashed the car.

14.but i have good news: my study of this phenomenon over the past decade has taught me that stage Fright really is curable.

15.the snake picked up its head and stuck out its tongue which gave everyone a Fright

16.any form of noise can be considered pollution if it causes annoyance, sleeplessness, Fright, or any other stress reaction.

17.after what we saw and felt last night, we cannot be surprised that sir charles died of Fright.

18.i nearly died of Fright when i heard his voice behind me.

19.i had the Fright of my life when i saw him there. naughty boy, you gave me such a Fright.

21.a shiver of Fright ran through them as he dove from the cliff.

22.i was in a kind of Fright beyond my grief.

23.i have a stage Fright.

24.she was child and mad with Fright and she wanted to bury her head in her mother's lap and shut out this sight. boy, aged about 11, looks frozen with Fright

26.the sight and sound of screamingtraders with fear in their eyes are enough to fill you with Fright, whether you are conscious of it or not.

27.two guys took Fright and run off in different directions.

28.the steam pipes rattled suddenly, and franklin uttered a shriek and jumped with Fright unspoken rule has it that india's political class passes difficult reforms only when the economy slows down enough to give it a Fright.

30.all present turned pale with Fright.

31.prissy screamed at the top of her voice, more from Fright than pain , and began to dance up and down, writhing to break scarlett's grip. day, if i were told that today would be the last day of my life, the feeling of losing my breath would be of great Fright.

33.howard wanted to be a popular singer, but stage Fright crippled him

34.he turned pale with Fright and sweat broke out all over his body. Fright she seized his arm.

36.the birds smashed into the top of their cages in Fright hair stood on end with Fright. hide my Fright i asked a question.

39.her Fright and concern sunk her down in a deep swoon.