Fracas Sentence Examples | Use Fracas in a sentence

1.the police were called in to break up ie stop the Fracas. is an important measure to build up the closed loop failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system ( Fracas) for improving reliability of products.

3.the Fracas has plunged korea into a deep national depression, as it becomes increasingly likely that something was amiss in the research, which has been celebrated as an example of korea's technological prowess. an armored personnel carrier, several soldiers in red berets watched the Fracas from farther up the road.

5.a couple of mobsters were rubbed out in a Fracas with the law. the rioter misinterpreted the instructions of the police. the Fracas in washington has shown, not even the u. s. government can be seen as completely risk-free.

7.the new wages policy caused a terrible Fracas at the meeting yesterday.

8.why the authority to regulate video games should trigger such a Fracas is not altogether clear.

9.below the political Fracas, a new breed of far-right and nationalist street-based groups are also getting a more confident swagger.

10.feigned an elbow in the face in an effort to get robben sent off and played a key role in escalating the end of match Fracas .

11.a turkish cypriot musician -- not immediately involved -- was stabbed during the Fracas.

12.there was a terrible Fracas , and, though at her mother's bidding amy made contrite apology, jo refused to be pacified.

13.thirty people were injured in the ensuing Fracas that turned the restaurant into a battlefield of broken glass and overturned tables.

14.the application of Fracas

15.application of Fracas in computer interlocking enterprise

16.this paper mainly records the Fracas quality improvement method that is applied to the research process of software development field.

17.Fracas, is a sophisticated improvement methods in the industry, which has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics and other areas, but rarely used in software research and development.

18.there is something of a Fracas about the relationship between bpmn and bpdm: is bpmn 'only' a notation or does it have some semantics.

19.researching the Fracas of commercial aircraft has great significance to improve the level of reliability and management technology, increase the efficiency of safety and security mechanism, and reduce the cost of reliability and management. comparing transactions of Fracas with traditional transactions, we find a transaction model which satisfies requirements of the system.

21.they got involved in another Fracas.

22.there is something of a Fracas about the relationship between bpmn and bpdm: is bpmn'only'a notation or does it have some semantics.

23.Fracas information technology used in fault management of products addition, the Fracas software, which has been implemented by j2ee technologies, is advanced in technology, and useful in practice.

25.quality close loop management system comprises Fracas technology and fmea technology, on the use of workflow tech-nology. discuss importance and urgency of enterprise carrying out quality close loop management system.

26.resolution of the latest Fracas could be complicated by noisy nationalism in china.

27.the google Fracas might also spell trouble for chinese companies already operating in the us.

28.the soochow Fracas raises questions about the kind of impact that professors who "talk politics" have on their students.