Foxtail Sentence Examples | Use Foxtail in a sentence

1.the cluster analysis of Foxtail millet and its application in breeding

2.resistance of Foxtail millet to kernel smut and its genetic analysis

3.genetic variation of 19 varieties of Foxtail millet collected from different regions in china was studied.

4.genetics, development and application of cytoplasmic herbicide resistance in Foxtail millet addition, the research advance on the physical character of Foxtail millet is introduced.

6.a study on the genetic diversity of Foxtail millet cultivars by ssr markers

7.studies on the period of forming Foxtail millet yield

8.prevention and treatment of stress ulcer for cerebral hemorrhage patients by early stage taken Foxtail millet soup

9.we call for rice or millet and rice, northern dry land Foxtail millet in different.

10.european Foxtail naturalized in north america; often a troublesome weed.

11.drought resistance and high yield of the Foxtail millet germplasm in shanxi province

12.simulation of corn, Foxtail millet and pearl millet yields using almanac model in the loess plateau

13.analysis of genetic diversity of local germplasm resources for Foxtail millet in gansu

14.dna molecular marker and its application on the heredity and breeding research in Foxtail millet recent years, the developing and perfecting biotechnology has opened new thoughts and methods for research in Foxtail millet. on filtering microsatellite library of Foxtail millet by anchored pcr technology

17.039 Foxtail millet varieties were classified with different standards.

18.the results showed that after Foxtail millet were infected with head smut, three enzymes activities all increased significantly.

19.the physicochemical properties of Foxtail millet starch and protein were studied firstly, then the influence of operating parameters on system parameters and product properties was analyzed.

20.identification and evalution of tocopherol content in primary core-collection of Foxtail millet is important to promote Foxtail millet production and drought-resistant breeding in shanxi province.

22.the pathogen could infect sorghum, sudangrass, corn, Foxtail millet and pearl millet under artificial inoculation conditions.

23.physiological effects of leaf senescence of Foxtail millet in different cultivation modes

24.a study on the cytology and morphology of the tetrasomics in Foxtail millet

25.cloning and structure analysis of Foxtail millet apdh gene

26.weathered scales encase the trunk of a Foxtail pine in california's sierra nevada mountains.

27.studies on increasing seed vigor and field yield by peg treatment in Foxtail millet

28.the Foxtail millet germplasm resources and screening and utilization of drought resistance germplasm in shanxi

29.protein quality and optimized cultivation of Foxtail millet

30.chromosome location and linkage analysis of a few agronomical important traits in Foxtail millet

31.development of cytoplasmic herbicide resistance Foxtail millet and its difference to the susceptible general varieties

32.application of highly male-sterile gene of Foxtail millet to routine breeding

33.a study on protein and fat contents and their interrelation in various varieties of Foxtail millet in shanxi province

34.evolution of breeding objectives of Foxtail millet and its developing tendency in china

35.regulation of Foxtail millet mesocotyl growth by gibberellins and abscisic acid in etiolated seedlings

36.peroxidase isozyme data of 72 varieties of Foxtail millet were analysed with factor and cluster analysis methods.

37.application of grey relational multiple factors comprehensive evaluation in Foxtail millet variety regional test on drought resistance and screening of drought resistance identification indexes in Foxtail millet at germination stage and seedling stage