Foxglove Sentence Examples | Use Foxglove in a sentence

1.she picked up a pink flower from a Foxglove.

2.the common or pop purple Foxglove produces pretty flowers along a tall leaves stamp leafy stem called a spike.

3.the family is notable for its many ornamental garden plants, including snapdragon (antirrhinum species) and Foxglove.

4.Foxglove can calls hot cause heart failure.

5.go and take a look at any chinese pharmacy, and you will see cabinets with numerous drawers, each bearing the name of a drug& toncal, Foxglove, rhubarb, saltpetre, indeed, everything that should be there.

6.Foxglove can cause heart failure.

7.vegetable poisons - alpine crowfoot, amanita toadstool, Foxglove, xmas rose.

8.and Foxglove is a deadly plant that also doubles as a cardiac medication.

9.Foxglove - if used properly it can strengthen the heart - although it is too easy to overdose if you don't know exactly what you are doing.

10.the leaves of the purple Foxglove plant contain the drug digitalis. a small amount of digitalis causes the heart to eat more strongly. digitalis glycosides are potent inhibitors of a fundamental and vital ion transport process, common to most cells.

11.which valuable drug is produced by the Foxglove?