Foundation Sentence Examples | Use Foundation in a sentence

1.he is founding director of the conservation Foundation.

2.the Foundation is solid. 85, edwards is now too frail to give interviews, but his wife told the nobel Foundation of his happiness at receiving the prize.

4.the accusation is wholly without Foundation.

5.the Foundation is holding a dinner in honour of something or other

6.emotional conflict may shake the Foundations of even the strongest relationship.

7.the Foundation is holding a dinner at the museum of american art in honour of the opening of their new show.

8.the country has a weak economic Foundation. never know if one of your children might actually grow up to be a zoologist because of the Foundation you laid during their childhood!

10.transparency is not just a natural inclination but a necessity, says mitchell baker, who chairs the Foundation.

11.his view is by no means without Foundation. fact the rumor is without Foundation.

13.the destruction of war and the death of millions of young people shook the Foundations of western idealism

14.this physique was the Foundation for my body-building career.

15.the bush Foundation has funded a variety of faculty development programs

16.she dug the Foundation with a pick and shovel. of the main organizers of the relief effort was the turkish charity the Foundation for humanitarian relief, which has islamic roots.

18.but these from actual set out of the research have no theories to do instruction, in other words, there is no theories Foundation.

19.that raises an interesting idea, because what you've just described is often a Foundation for addictions of various kinds.

20.the question now is whether mr. obama and other members of his party can solidify this coalition into a Foundation of the democratic party.

21.the allegations were without Foundation

22.we will then have a firmer Foundation of fact on which to build theories friends are the Foundation of my life

24.he has already transferred ownership of most of the works to a british Foundation

25.each complaint is analysed very closely, and if it has no Foundation it is rejected.

26.he laid the Foundation of the science of bacteriology.

27.each will remove whatever proves to be without a true Foundation, and with it an allowance for free expression.

28.the university has been famous for medical studies ever since its Foundation.

29.i am determined to build on this solid Foundation.

30.he has a solid Foundation in english.

31.there is no Foundation for the charges.

32.asian countries have a good economic Foundation and great potentials.

33.the Foundation becomes solid after tamping.

34.the free software Foundation considers it a free license incompatible with the gnu general public license (gpl).

35.this laid the Foundations for later modern economic growth.

36.Foundation make-up evens out your skin tone and texture.

37.on this Foundation, together with is traumatic element, the ligament between spine can happen rupture or flabby.

38.the princess of wales laid the Foundation stone for the extension to the cathedral.

39.the issue strikes at the very Foundation of our community

40.the recent rumour that the latex paint is harmful to the human health is not at all of any Foundation.