Formulated Sentence Examples | Use Formulated in a sentence

1.cellular nutrition is especially Formulated to help cleanse and maximize our absorption system.

2.these rules are Formulated to reinforce and regulate the work of the committee.

3.state plans for medium and long-term development of science and technology should be promptly Formulated and implemented.

4.he also established schools and Formulated a legal system.

5.the state has Formulated laws and regulations to protect children.

6.such regulations should be Formulated to carry out the master and functional plans of the responsible agencies.

7.he Formulated a plan of attack.

8.when newton Formulated the law of gravity, he did not say that the sun or the earth has the property of attraction.

9.officials translate the incompletely Formulated thoughts of policy makers into enforceable laws and regulations.

10.reagents in the kit have been carefully Formulated and optimized for sensitivity, assay robustness and automation.

11.super collagen is neutral in taste and specially Formulated in an easy to take powered form.

12.this idea can be Formulated in two different ways.

13.forecasting 2006, we have Formulated the new semester work plan.

14.he Formulated his concerns to the board of trustees.

15.while mr. xu said the plan is still being Formulated, he also said that foreigners have been too skeptical. teacher also Formulated questions to ask the students at the end of his lecture for the evaluation.

17.little by little, he Formulated his plan for escape.

18.once you have Formulated an opinion on her, she has already changed.

19.from both introspection and conversation, i have Formulated a general law on this subject.

20.'we could draw on some of our existing colors no longer in use and get them Formulated quite quickly, ' he said.

21.china has Formulated national, trade and local standards on job safety and hygiene.

22.he Formulated his famous theory of relativity.

23.once the syllabus is Formulated, it is authoritative, scientific and practicable. is constituted by the customary business practices and standards Formulated by international organizations.

25.we have Formulated political and organizational lines and a series of principles and policies.

26.after much discussion with my graduate advisor, i Formulated a plan.

27.the factory has established the system of personal responsibility, and has also Formulated strict safety operation regulations.

28.he said he expected new rules to be Formulated during the first quarter.

29.in1931, the japanese army headquarters secretly Formulated the principles, steps and measures for invading northeast china.

30.this task is usually Formulated as a classification problem, through training proper classifiers to mark each entity's border and type .

31.russia once Formulated an oil development strategy up to 2020, in which it explicitly decided to construct an oil pipeline leading to china.

32.we Formulated our own strategy.

33.the boss approved his proposal after benny Formulated it.

34.firstly, a set of linearized odes are Formulated in terms of absolute coordinates without considering any constraint in the system.

35.china has Formulated medium-and long-term development programs on education and on science and technology respectively.

36.having Formulated rules on the auction business that comply with this law and the stipulations of other relevant laws; Formulated the concept of profiles to solve this problem and reduce complexity.

38.they might have to be Formulated as very small steps, in order to do that, but you could.