Formulae Sentence Examples | Use Formulae in a sentence

1.abel's lemma on summation by parts and q-series transformation and summation Formulae

2.Formulae for calculating the homogeneous nucleation rate in gibbs canonical and grand canonical ensembles were deduced.

3.basic Formulae of measuring antenna gain by using the sun source are described simply.

4.this paper introduces an analysis method of analog circuits based on the pole-zero sensitivity, and gives Formulae of the sensitivity.

5.the exact Formulae of domain singular integrals for loads in polynomial form are given.

6.these Formulae, with simple form and good accuracy, are easy to be applied in engineering practice.

7.the Formulae of time and range of projectile with the projecting angle taking account into air friction are obtained by using the approximate method to solve the equation. a consequence, Formulae are obtained for determining the screw tensor in terms of the finite displacement data of the rigid body.

9.the speed of soil delivering and resistance of auger drill are analyzed theoretically and their Formulae are presented.

10.many students believe that the existence of Formulae is necessary for the function, and there must be an image for a function. 4.

11.the problem of shots optimum putting angle in calculation Formulae are pointed out, precise equation and numerical solution of this angle are given.

12.note that you can also input Formulae, instead of static values.

13.the classical viscous interaction parameter and experiential Formulae are limitative in thermochemical nonequilibrium flow. this paper main work involves some expressions of displacement vector and some Formulae concerned by vector spherical function.

15.and gives the Formulae of iteration direction and step length.

16.mathematical Formulae must be represented in plain text , which is the only format supported in the body of a jsp tag .

17.some defects of traditional formula on calculating load voltage are pointed and some easy& accurate Formulae are derived.

18.the practical application of Formulae to the absolute gravimetry and refineding geoid are discussed.

19.this paper discussed the mechanical nature of strip shape. some calculation Formulae of flatness were derived.

20.the reliability and practicality of the method are verified by comparing with the empirical Formulae.

21.according to the energy principle, the Formulae for axial force and displacement are derived. seems only to be of possible interest in that some computation Formulae are deduced in terms of the geodesic and its azimuth.

23.since explicit Formulae are derived to compute new weights of the modified curve, the method is simple and easy to program.

24.systematical theoritical Formulae of this topic is presented and example is given.

25.the proposed Formulae for the moment redistribution ratio are valuable to the design of continuous composite beams.

26.two new kinds of higher accurate numerical integration Formulae is obtained by acceleration and improvement of the given formula.

27.computed results of derived and simplified Formulae with test results were compared.

28.spend a lot of time looking at your own audiences instead of trying to discover the magic programme Formulae that makes tv alchemy possible.

29.forward and inversion Formulae are derived for the weakly anisotropic ( wa) media by using the perturbation theory.

30.the calculation Formulae can have up to 255 characters, with an unlimited number of parenthesis and named variables.

31.behavioral and applied management experts have developed mathematical Formulae that attempt to quantify these slippery variables.

32.results two new asymptotic Formulae on their mean value are given.

33.two Formulae can be used to calculate the shear capacity of steel reinforced concrete beams.

34.also approximate Formulae are produced which are suitable to manual computation, they are easy to be applied in research or design. this paper, the Formulae of hydraulic resistance for this naval gun's recoil mechanism is derived so that necessary technique can be provided for the reverse design to this naval gun.

36.the theory of the maximal exergy efficiency analysis was discussed and the design Formulae of the different design methods were deduced.

37.this paper present the way to derivate tuning Formulae for pid parameters used to relay feedback self-tuning.

38.objective: to optimize the Formulae by spherical symmetric design test.

39.the Formulae for calculating the number thickness and orientation of carbon plies are over my head right now.