Formidably Sentence Examples | Use Formidably in a sentence

1.the pile of parchments was Formidably high.

2.since women comprise half of the managers and other professionals in the american workforce, the glass ceiling still seems Formidably thick.

3.but the politics look Formidably difficult.

4.but the us university system remains a Formidably well-funded generator of research.

5.the general problem has been analysed in the Formidably mathematical research of professor susan athey.

6.mrs clinton is highly intelligent, Formidably hard-working and, though not exactly a foreign-policy expert, knows many world leaders.

7.a disruption of the federal union, heretofore only menaced, is now Formidably attempted.

8.see in the person's eyes, then formation extremely ugg Formidably scene.

9.i think the answer, in the very different arguments over guns and scotland, is that opponents of gun control and supporters of scottish independence are Formidably well organised and tough on their opponents.

10.on the other hand, mrs clinton is intelligent and Formidably hard-working and has undoubted star power.

11.and the imperialist always also likes to come Formidably with his of gally person.