Formica Sentence Examples | Use Formica in a sentence november and december new star saw significant outflows and redemptions, says mr Formica.

2.blum production company licensing and Formica brand products have been in chengdu administration of industry and commerce as well-known trademarks.

3.we now go live to violence channel correspondent Formica davis. took post-war prosperity, suburban living and Formica to finish off the kitchen's coming of age.

5.michael took the only two brandy glasses from the cupboard and set them on the yellow Formica table.

6.she went down the stairs and sat at the old kitchen table with the yellow Formica top. was a small table with a Formica top, and i was so proud of that table.

8.its outdated cabinets, baseline appliances, Formica countertops and linoleum floors had to go.

9.he won first place in the "table to table scenery" conceptual object design contest sponsored by the american Formica corporation in 1988.

10.on a Formica topped table, back lighted by a frilly curtained window, lay the tiny body, wrapped in a clear white sheet.

11.henderson had planned to develop its uk retail business through organic growth but "the new star opportunity enabled us to accelerate our plan and it was too good an opportunity to miss," adds mr Formica. Formica had been in charge of henderson for only a few months when he bid for a troubled asset manager that was on the block.

13.and francesca looked across the yellow Formica toward robert kincaid, who had come a long way to her kitchen. a long way, across more than miles. was important to get our ship in order in challenging market conditions, says mr Formica. the organisation is now the right size for current [ market] conditions, he adds. inexpensive plastic or wood modeling tool, a small bowl of water, some paper towels, a Formica or waxed paper working surface, and a simple drying rack are the essentials.

16.distribution of Formica cunicularia mound and related affecting factors on mobile dune in horqin sandy land Formica presided over his first set of annual results in february.

18.we feature granite, marble, tile, Formica and many other surfaces.

19.walking past my local shoe-menders this morning i notice they now make up signs for you in white lettering on brightly coloured Formica.

20.he won first place in the "table to table scenery" conceptual object design contest sponsored by the american Formica corporation in1988.

21.they loved their cheap, easy-to-clean Formica countertops, but envied-and longed for-the authentic touch and time-lessness of marble and wood.

22.integrating two companies is not an easy task but mr Formica rebuts claims of cultural differences between new star and henderson.

23.if you're still scrubbing Formica, install a faux granite counter for a fraction of the price of the real thing.

24.your realtor can best help you here as to whether you should go with granite, tile, Formica and similar questions.

25.on a Formica topped table, backlighted by a frilly curtained window, lay the tiny body, wrapped in a clear white sheet. is part of an exhibition named as "un-natural" sponsored by Formica.

27.but in spite of a difficult financial environment mr Formica sees more opportunities than challenges ahead. 6 p. m. sharp, my family gathered around the yellow Formica table that took up most of our small kitchen.

29.we only need the top for the main table & side rack. the table top is mdf and covered with Formica & edges are thermoformed. Formica has now unveiled the new fund manager line-up at the merged asset management group where just under half of the 320 former new star employees have been retained.

31.the kitchen, which had a footprint mirroring our own, was a nearly vacant service space, with a small Formica table, a white enamel sink and other ageing basics.

32.i therefore mused that the ivory-billed woodpecker should henceforth be known as the cheap- Formica -billed woodpecker. Formica anticipates further consolidation in the industry as owners of struggling asset managers, such as banks, focus on their core businesses.

34.they sat at a Formica table cluttered with dirty tea cups.

35.Formica countertops, fitted carpets and coloured bathroom fixtures were commonly included in the price.