Formic Sentence Examples | Use Formic in a sentence

1.second, actively promote the phosphorus exhaust system sodium formate, Formic acid, oxalic acid;

2.Formic acid efficiently dissolves and removes calcium based deposits, as well as rust, scale and iron oxide deposits.

3.comrades, we shall overthrow the government as true as there are fifteen intermediary acids between margaric acid and Formic acid; however, that is a matter of perfect indifference to me.

4.chromosome aberration and sister chromatid exchange studies in lymphocytes from children of men taking gossypol Formic acid

5.the production of xylose via hydrolysis of straw in a mixture of Formic acid and hydrochloric acid was investigated.

6.the sticky saliva of the flicker is alkaline, perhaps to counteract the Formic acid that ants secrete.

7.feasibility of trace Formic acid root titration by using modified potassium permanganate method

8.cleaner production pulping method for Formic acid; researching prehydrolysis on the properties of wheat straw pulping and bleaching

9.our factory is producing sulphuric acid, aluminium sulphate, Formic acid and waxes.

10.synergistic effect of polyaniline-modified pd/ c catalysts on Formic acid oxidation

11.thermodynamic analysis of co_2 hydrogenation to Formic acid; application of preload disc spring in the high-pressure hydrogenation heat exchanger

12.Formic acid is an effective and environmentally benign alternative. unlike mineral acids, Formic acid leaves no inorganic residues.

13.electrooxidation of Formic acid on pd-ni alloy film electrode-the effect of dealloying recent years, it was found that dfafc using Formic acid as a fuel has some advantages comparing with dmfc.

15.many other insects also produce Formic as well as other kinds of acid.

16.catalytic performance of the combination of activated carbon and Formic acid is higher than that of only Formic acid.

17.oxidative desulphurization in hydrogen peroxide/ Formic acid/ sulfuric acid system study on reduction and sulfidation of ceo_2 desulfurizer at high temperature

18.excellent intergranular corrosion resistant properties, suitable to manufacture the equipment which resist to sulphuric acids, phosphonic acids, Formic acids and acetic acids.

19.some ants eject Formic acid when irritated.

20.dissociative double ionization of Formic acid in intense laser filed

21.a gland on the moths thorax sprays Formic acid, and its upright rear appendages sport noxious, pink tentacles.

22.fertilizers, ground natural mineral phosphates. extraction of phosphoric anhydride soluble in Formic acid reagent.

23.complex reduction preparation of carbon supported pd nanoparticle catalyst and its electrocatalysis for Formic acid oxidation

24.the effect of Formic acid on the fermentation quality and aerobic stability of the leymus chinensis silage ferment

25.when seeing Formic market network for the first time, give me the sense that the eye shines.

26.anaerobic bacteria ferment organic matter producing co2, h2 and small organic acids such as acetic acid and Formic acid.

27.though it had Formic rules, such as the elegant image of the bird and the self-placating confucian themes, each painter could express a personal character and poetic leaning within these rules.

28.ic determination of glyoxylic acid and Formic acid in reaction medium for preparation of glyoxylic acid by oxidation of glyoxal with oxygen

29.production 1, 2 hydroxy beta 4-Formic acid, a beta consignment sales produced products.

30.introducing Formic acid and acetic acid as catalyst-accelerators, and their effects on its capability were examined.

31.development of anode catalyst for direct Formic acid fuel cells

32.the electroplating palladium-copper alloy film on 316l stainless steel and its corrosion resistance in mixture of acetic and Formic acids

33.delignification mechanism and chemical reactions in the Formic acid pulping process of wheat straw; study of aq effectiveness during kraft-aq pulping to extend Formic market network when begin?

35.a simulation software of hydrolysis and separation system for the new technology of Formic acid is developed on a macro computer.

36.since he was a complete stranger in the town, there was no one to speak up Formic when he was brought into court., saluting bean, with the respect due to a veteran of the Formic war. is a gram-positive bacterium producing organic acids (lactic acid, acetic acid, Formic acid) as a results of glucose fermentation.

39.kinetic-spectrophotometric determination of trace gold using reduction of molybdophosphoric acid with Formic acid