Foolish Sentence Examples | Use Foolish in a sentence

1.a wise son makes a glad father, but a Foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.

2.don't close with him; he is a Foolish man.

3.i teased at life as if it were a Foolish game.

4.we should learn from the Foolish old man's spirit to challenge nature.

5.he refused to take orders from such a Foolish fellow. ought to be ashamed of your Foolish behaviour. would be Foolish to raise hopes unnecessarily

8.i feel how Foolish i am to entertain doubts

9.the complete failure of his Foolish investment in land left him sadder but wiser.

10.that Foolish deed of his will remain a blot on his escutcheon.

11.any action on the basis of such fragmentary evidence would be Foolish.

12.i know better than to do such a Foolish thing.

13.his Foolish act has brought a storm about his ears.

14.he's always doing such Foolish things.'s careless of me to make such a Foolish mistake.'s Foolish to force your feet into a pair of shoes that are too small for you.

17.we can only hope that she will soon understand how Foolish she has been, and unthinking, and come back. would only be Foolish to ask a man like him for help.

19." the ants said: " if you were Foolish enough to sing all the summer, you must dance supperless to bed in the winter.

20.can you persuade her out of her Foolish plans?

21.his Foolish behaviour may put his whole future in jeopardy.

22.she felt that tears were unbecoming and Foolish.

23.Foolish expenditures bankrupted him. is Foolish to believe that romantic love will buffer you against life's hardships.

25.Foolish of me? it's a little Foolish of this guy, don't you think? right? right?

26.choosing to give it up for something you think is "better" is a Foolish thing to do.

27.i didn't want him to look Foolish and be laughed at.

28.lure, entice, inveigle, decoy, tempt, seduce these verbs mean to lead or attempt to lead into a wrong or Foolish course, as of action.

29.he's happy to play and he wants to play, so it would be Foolish of me to not use him.

30.for others, especially the young and Foolish, the state will temper justice with mercy

31.making people feel Foolish is emphatically not my strategy

32.he is notorious for being a Foolish emperor. is Foolish to risk skin cancer. fact, they had never done it. but the Foolish man believed. however, he did not give up his mind.

35.i refuse to entertain such a Foolish idea.

36.better a witty fool man than a Foolish wit.

37.i was wrong. i was Foolish. are Foolish to say so.

39.i just stood there feeling Foolish and watching him think you are clever, on the contrary, i assure that you are very Foolish.