Flinched Sentence Examples | Use Flinched in a sentence

1.the possum Flinched as if touched with a hot poker, and then made several effective broom-strokes in a row.

2.although multi-view auto stereo image is being applied in some special field, but many other application fields have been Flinched for its high cost.

3.hagrid Flinched at the fury in the potion master's tone.

4.pamela Flinched each time he yelled at her.

5.japanese indices barely Flinched on wednesday when the world's second biggest economy was revealed to have shrunk 4 per cent quarter on quarter.

6.this tough corsican never Flinched or failed. i do not mistrust the future; i do not fear what is ahead.

7.the young woman next to him Flinched.

8.i Flinched back from the venom in her voice.

9.he Flinched as the doctor touched his wounded leg.

10.from now on, i do not care what kind of difficulties encountered, we must face with confidence, insisted in the end, and never Flinched.

11.he has never Flinched from harsh financial decisions.

12.professor mcgonagall Flinched, but dumbledore, who was unsticking two lemon drops, seemed not to notice.

13.assef Flinched. he began to take a step back, stopped. "last chance, hazara. "

14.yet markets hardly Flinched at the news, with negative reaction mostly contained in hungary and ireland.

15.in recent years, the people has gradually had comprehensive knowledge of superiority of implementing wide azimuth survey but Flinched from more expensive acquisition cost because of higher folds and smaller bin size for wide azimuth survey.

16.they finally Flinched late on monday, announcing a roughly 3 percent increase in power prices for non-residential users in a move to combat looming blackouts by stimulating more electricity production and discouraging consumption.

17.everybody Flinched at his tactlessness, but he went on regardless.

18.her eyes bored into mine , and i Flinched back, wondering why she didn't drop her gaze or look ashamed.

19.u. s. financial markets have barely Flinched since a showdown over government funding began to catch headlines.

20.on hearing this, hagen Flinched, a nervous flick of his head.

21.commercial real estate Flinched a lot of real estate development enterprise due to risky and long return cycle, so the speculative is low.

22.she Flinched at the cutting acidity in his voice.

23.as i Flinched away from him, shrinking against my chair, the phrase if looks could kill suddenly ran through my mind.

24.the girl's father Flinched. "i am not the kind of man you think i am, " he said.

25.we had not Flinched or wavered . we had not failed.

26.i Flinched back and he grabbed the back of my neck with fingers like a vise. he shook me.

27.thousands of civilians died while the european powers Flinched from action without us participation, which bill clinton, then president, was slow to sanction.

28.the dwarf Flinched. the knife landed between his feet and stood quivering in the deck. he plucked it out. "what's this? "

29.he Flinched each time he spoke to her.

30.he never Flinched after he was captured, on the contrary, he cherished the faith of fighting for freedom to the end.

31.facing down the white house or personal tragedy, katharine graham never Flinched.

32.electrodes attached to his face measured how much he Flinched on hearing the sound.

33.she Flinched as though a bright light had suddenly dazzled her eyes.

34.pure-as-the-dawn Flinched, as the words sank in.