Fleetly Sentence Examples | Use Fleetly in a sentence

1.the accurate amplitudes and phases of fundamental and various orders of harmonics could be Fleetly obtained by using the algorithm.

2.it is very significative disquisition that soil properties is obtained Fleetly by math methods and computer technology.

3.with the development of modern society and the improvement of living standards, the automobile industry has been developed Fleetly, and people demand more about the functions and capabilities of vehicles.

4.finally, wvd arithmetic is Fleetly realized by dsp.

5.locking mold configuration: adopt international advanced crossing board structure, locking mold Fleetly and reposefully.

6.a new experimental method to Fleetly test early-age cracking behaviors of concrete

7.realizing the industry attribute of education adequately developing our higher education Fleetly

8.so p2p media streaming technique developed Fleetly in recent years.

9.lijiang is a region in possession of abundant tourism resources and its tourism is developing Fleetly.

10.current political thoughts in the west is transmitting Fleetly in the world. it causes challenging and impacting mainstream of our ideology.

11.at the same it is also proved feasible that the type single-chip processor processing data Fleetly.

12.the practical engineering test indicates the arithmetic can realize automatic recognition of license plate Fleetly and accurately on the premise of real time and reliability of this system.

13.the doorbell rang and peggy ran Fleetly to answer it, calling that it must be santa claus.

14.on the west huzhou leans against the tianmu mountains while on the north it faces the taihu lake. lijiang is a region in possession of abundant tourism resources and its tourism is developing Fleetly.

15.it is inevitable demand of urbanization Fleetly developing in china to study political stability in the ethnic area.

16.with the development of society and economy, every walk of life is developing Fleetly.

17.at the same time, the development of remote sensing makes it possible to detect changes Fleetly and automatically.

18.based on embedded system application scene, we do research on moving target detecting technology, shadow removal technology, target classifying and target tracking technology for the environment condition changing Fleetly.

19.the research and successful application of these software engineering method is key factor in fitting Fleetly developmental information industry.

20.how to find the image data we need Fleetly and precisely is attracted by more and more people.

21.to respond to requirement of the market Fleetly , it is necessary to optimize the layout of the reconfigurable cell .

22.it will improve the decision efficiency of battlefield commander greatly if we identify the tactical intention correctly, Fleetly and automatically which behind many objects in battlefield.

23.a double cycle furcation chaos machine and operation implement make it work Fleetly and safely.

24.as lip-readings fundamental component , lip-detecting is used for locating lips Fleetly and exactly.

25.if combined with high multiple reduced projection system, this technology can realize transfer of mask graphics Fleetly .

26.it makes the stripe image picking up in dom expediently and Fleetly.

27.at this sedimentary period, the water in lake basin began to recede Fleetly, the base level of erosion grew down, the schlep ability of river grew up, and the supply of source was abundant.

28.simultaneously, international financial crisis caused by security market opening Fleetly happened from time to time.

29.finally we got the main indices of eutrophication of lakes Fleetly and exactly by analyzing the measured concentration of lakes in their algae breeding peak time.

30.using the method can quicken the speed of building solid model bank and has actual significance to build complicated scene Fleetly.

31.as lip-readings fundamental component, lip-detecting is used for locating lips Fleetly and exactly.

32.it needs the ability to dynamically, neatly and Fleetly answer for the changes of market.

33.an efficient algorithm is put forward which can remove the hidden lines Fleetly .

34.the economy and society in china develop steadily and Fleetly in recent years.

35.the future and possible development of marketing channel in semiconductor industry under the Fleetly developing of it technology and e-business are discussed later.

36.recently, the common computer system represented by pc developed very Fleetly both in the hardware and software.

37.organic pollutants in water could be degraded Fleetly because of the dual function of adsorption and photocatalysis.

38.in this paper, a transferable gauss integral matrix algorithm(tgima)which can perform Fleetly the b spline fem was proposed.

39.it can be circularly used for over 500 times and 450 times with Fleetly circularly using.

40.it built a spatial data model of getting ravine density with the method of illustrate modeling analysis, which provided the fire-new solution for extracting ravine density Fleetly.