Finisher Sentence Examples | Use Finisher in a sentence

1.this is true, but only because jackson is a Finisher, not a starter. your cold blood eviscerate as a Finisher.

3.yi is also a crowd-pleasing, monstrous Finisher, who gets up and down the floor like a gazelle fleeing an attacking predator.

4.however, if only a little more damage is required to kill your target, the knife makes a reliable Finisher.

5.strengths: i think i have good technique, i'm strong and i'm a good Finisher.

6.larsson is a more accomplished Finisher than rooney.

7.the designated Finisher once was an essential position, but how many teams play such a specialist anymore? look at last year's champions league finalists.

8.combined breaker and Finisher card

9.if not, the last-place Finisher is dropped and its voters' second choices are distributed among the movies still in the running.

10.i am getting on the ball, linking the play and thankfully javier is a Finisher, so that helps the team.

11.dr ken ho, who led the study, said: "this improvement could turn the last place Finisher in the olympic finals into a gold medal winner. "

12.effect of chinese herb and wood vinegar feed additives on blood indexes in Finisher pigs

13.if there's still no majority, the second-to-last-place Finisher gets eliminated, and its voters' second (or third) choices are counted.

14.slivers from either the carding unit or the combing unit, depending on the ultimate yarn desired, are processed through the Finisher-drawing.

15.he likes jogging ever so much. strong Finisher

16.he is good at getting into the box and scoring goals and a good Finisher.

17.persistence or tenacity is the disposition to persevere in spite of difficulties, discouragement or indifference. don't be known as a good starter but a poor Finisher!

18.greaves was without doubt a goal- scoring genius - still regarded by many as the finest Finisher england has ever produced .

19."we need one other very important instrument, you know. " that person is the completer Finisher.

20.flow conditioner [ straightener] foreman Finisher

21.another notable Finisher sunday was edison pena, one of the 33 chilean miners rescued in october after spending 69 days trapped underground.

22.sebastien ogier was the top citroen Finisher in second, one place ahead of sebastien loeb.

23.the second time, however, eight slivers from the first Finisher-drawing step are subjected to the same operation. cotton cloth is made in a cotton mill.

24.the italian was toyota's only Finisher, able to run nowhere near the comparative pace he had demonstrated in qualifying.

25.feeding a grower/ Finisher diet ad libitum from arrival in the breeding herd to puberty but delay mating until live weight and p2 targets are reached.

26.the practice of improving thin oil cleanness of Finisher and pre-Finisher

27.greaves was without doubt a goal-scoring genius-still regarded by many as the finest Finisher england has ever produced.

28.undoubtedly one of the best centre forwards in the world today, didier drogba is excellent with the ball at his feet and a strong Finisher with the ability to use both feet. row: dandy brush, body brushes ( three types), grooming mitt Finisher.

30.klose, who reportedly could miss the game with a back injury, is a poacher, and a decent one at that, but largely a Finisher of other men's creativity.

31.his winning goal on tuesday demonstrated again that he's a very good Finisher.

32.he's also a strong Finisher.

33.up to 100%, then perform your special Finisher by hitting circle.

34.look anew to-night to jesus, the author and Finisher of thy faith, and thank him for giving thee like precious faith with souls now in glory.

35.plesae write the information about garment Finisher, if there is one.