Finical Sentence Examples | Use Finical in a sentence

1.relationship finance also benefits to reduce agency cost and transaction cost, helps corporations in Finical difficulty.

2.the important role of green financial policy in developing west china is discussed and the tendency of the green Finical policy in develop-ing west china also proposed.

3.contract taxation revenue is an important component of national revenue and also is the important source of local Finical revenue. so, it is of great significance to implement contract taxation collection and management work with scientific and information way.

4.every model has been used in application of the enterprise accounting and Finical management system, and has shown great model advantage.

5.second, the rural compulsory education investment and management system of county oriented must be strengthened and made perfect. through it the public education Finical system can be warranted.

6.cooperating with ge, the Finical institution and bank give credit to those customers who are short of fund to buy the product of ge. present, it is difficult to accurately display the financial lever, capital cost and earnings before interest and tax with any capital structure theories, which limits the role playing in Finical decision of enterprises.

8.the internal transferring price is the important component of Finical administration of enterprise group.

9.studies on problems of east asia Finical crisis

10.china bank supervise management committee ( cbsmc) was founded formally in april, 2003. it undertakes the supervising management task on the whole national Finical organization.

11.he will share with you his over 10 year experience in operation field to dig out the potential Finical benefit behind current bottom line.

12.the traditional Finical report is non-structural document such as pdf, doc or html, even is printed with paper, which is very difficult to finding and analyzing data.

13.this paper introduces the architecture, composition, function and feature of three-tier model based Finical management system which is fit for a finance corporation.

14.analysis indicates that the price cap setting method not only can avoid Finical risk induced by market clear price soaring, but also not distort economic signal of fully competition electricity market.

15.the design method of program to browse the Finical data in network

16.per-student standard cost as a basis for rational pricing of higher education, which not only provides reference for the government determining Finical allocation and tuition, but establishes cost consciousness, strengthens internal management and improves school effectiveness. the real practice of Finical activities, the degree of loan default loss should changes.

18.the government loan is one way of obtaining Finical revenue relying on the government credit. after the Finical management construction mode and running mode which can meet the develop features of railway transportation and fit the market's economic regulation.

20.mbs enlarge the second class market of mortgage-backed of real estate, lower the flow risk of investment on the mortgage-backed loan, mortgage-backed loan of real estate is the first class market of real estate Finical market, mbs is the second class market.

21.model of fuzzy probability to our country's bank Finical risks evaluation a pivotal part of supply chain management, because of its direct impact on quality, Finical flows and product cost, supplier relationship management has been receiving increasing recognitions. return, the company will pay for Finical lost if something happens to the policy holder's prosperity.

24.also, Finical time series, which marginal density distribution have higher excess kurtosis, typically exhibit the feature of heavy tail.

25.therefore, the central work what we should do by now is to optimize the level and structure of interest rate, to develop Finical system, to strengthen Finical inspect and to create conditions for the gradual development of interest system reform. last on the basic of value-chain accounting, we rebuild the Finical report system calculation system and budget system.

27.the problem of ratio of Finical -supporting population is always the spotlight of our county.

28.from the unique perspective, the author of this thesis uses a practical case to analyze the investment and risk control of foreign investment company investing in china's no-performing Finical asset.

29.natural disasters like fire, storms or flooding can damage all destroys valuable preservation. and agreement offer Finical protection.

30.Finical management system, the kernel of the economic information, is an important part of mis.

31.lately, top schools with lots of money have increased their Finical add put in pressure on the other colleges to do the same.

32.there are huge number of data unstructured information within Finical firms. how to fetch valuable content from huge amount of unstructured information as soon as possible is the problem that we should face in the financial domain of information management.

33.the financial holding company, as the Finical group of multi-element operation, has many special advantages.

34.the constraints in this process were then summarized: lack of service consciousness, problems with the governmental Finical system as well as influences from internal and external environment.

35.with the emergence of the new businesses, new tools and new markets, the total financial volume, financial structure and Finical efficiency gradually begin to change.

36.the paper gives a definition and implication to network finance together with an analysis and expound to the importance of network Finical management in order to discuss how to put the network Finical into effect, the article introduces the proceeding recreation system.

37.the weak housing market is largely responsible for an economic crisis that leading to new governmental steps in Finical system.

38.being an insurance of Finical running intensive management, it is excogitated from three aspects, namely: achievement of financial business unity, focus on systemic budget, apply fund motive management.

39.when appropriate, some part can be invested in circulated trusts, stocks and enterprise and Finical debts with investment level of credit in the market, which will be the same with national social security foundations.