Film Sentence Examples | Use Film in a sentence

1.cover with plastic Film and refrigerate for 24 hours. xueqi, who arrived at cannes on the last day, said he just wanted to "feel the atmosphere of such a top Film festival" .

3.the Film explores the relationship between artist and instrument. was clearly a Film with a limited budget and limited resources, but it had a very strong vision from the director.

5.on an artistic level, the Film is nothing but provocative, hateful, propaganda.

6.his failures underline the difference between theatre and Film direction.

7.this novel has been made into a Film.

8.the Film also made use of newsreel footage and vox pop.

9.i told him my main reservation about his Film was the ending

10.the Film was about to start.

11.i liked the Film's americanism.

12.i like a Film to be uplifting. sister plays the leading role in this Film.

14.synchronise the score with the Film action.

15.when the damage does not reach the steel surface, the surface to be touched up to the specified Film thickness.

16.the docket is still open on this case. why won't the cameraman come in and tell us what he saw and show us his Film?

17.i must go and see this Film

18.they have seen news Film of families queueing in russia to buy a loaf of bread.

19.he and his family have walk-on parts in the latest Film.

20.considering the restrictions under which she Filmed, i think she did a commendable job.

21.but the nightingale's voice grew fainter, and her little wings began to beat, and a Film came over her eyes.

22.everything about the Film was good. good acting, good story, good fun.

23.the sea is coated with a Film of raw sewage.

24.this great battle was vividly recorded in the documentary Film.

25.sincere performances and gritty boston settings add to the Film's realism.

26.has somebody helped himself to some Film star's diamonds?

27.he had Filmed her life story churches, he said, cannot afford to stay silent - one of the reasons he granted cnn rare access to Film in his banned church.

29.she wanted to set up her own company to invest in Films.

30.his Film has caused a stir in america.

31.he stayed with me all day yesterday, he couldn't have gone to see a Film.

32.she became a Film star as early as 1942.

33.besides Film and record projects, i have continued to work in the theater.

34.the invention relates to an electronic element with a through hole and a manufacturing method for a Film transistor element.'s just as dramatic as a Film, only it's real actual sbd is a metal-semiconductor contact with a thin Film and surface states between them, which has an effect on the barrier height.

37.this fall she co-stars in a Film with the acclaimed british actor kenneth branagh

38.i'd stayed up late to watch the Film

39.Film is a business with limited opportunities for actresses

40.the photographers had already shot a dozen rolls of Film.