Figurine Sentence Examples | Use Figurine in a sentence

1.i drop the Figurine from the same height in complete darkness while the lens of the camera is open.

2.every attempt yields a unique outcome, so i need to look for the one that best expresses a transformation of the Figurine into a new form.

3.simply a little flower in the garden of chinese arts and crafts, dough Figurine making has a long history.

4.perhaps not coincidentally, the rise of Figurine-carving modern human cultures in europe coincided with the decline of neanderthals.

5.the angel Figurine reminded me of the white elephant gift exchange game that we play every year. artist crafts a dough Figurine of us president barack obama, made from flour and water, in shenyang.

7.a painted Figurine of a girl wearing a gas mask, entitled ballerina with action man parts, could sell for £ 20,000.

8.she bought an exquisite china Figurine.

9.Figurine of walrus tusk ( excl. original sculptures and statuary)

10.i wonder if he knows what he gave up for that jade Figurine.

11.when he suspects that ingeborg is displeased with him, udo buys her a clay Figurine depicting a peasant in the act of defecating.

12.after hearing her explanation, i smiled and held the cat Figurine.

13.uncovering the secrets of the Figurine leads the two and their allies on an adventure at the massive stone statues of easter island.

14.what's the other Figurine that went in here?

15.she was a very rare lladro Figurine.

16.Figurine of the colossus: this item is now useable when the user has no mana.

17.dough Figurine made of colored dough remains colorfast and intact without getting decayed for decades.

18.from the unearthed pottery Figurine in the shang dynasty in china, we can very clearly see the use of the belt in that time.

19.little girl not the light demand follows look like toy Figurine in age in oneself, even need a she grow up the behind ideal image.

20.the only thing aunt badri did not want to part with was an ivory Figurine of the white tara to which she was inordinately attached.

21.application of the traditional design concept of huishan clay Figurine on chinese contemporary sculpture "maelstrom", what goddess is represented by the Figurine that kara receives?

23.the most famous were the clay Figurine zhang made in tianjin and the huishan clay Figurines made in wuxi, jiangsu province.

24.i am afraid it doesn't work without the other Figurine. really have a knack in selecting such a beautiful Figurine for christmas. mary thanks for your generosity and good wishes.

26.gianna rose atelier for its ceramic fragrance diffusers, a kit with fragranced Figurine and dish made of natural clay.

27.the jesus Figurine shares shelf space with big-eyed clowns and porcelain kittens.

28.matryoshka doll is one of my favorite Figurine, but i never own any one before.

29.your velvet lining, and your Figurine of lead

30.main products: statue, screen wall, relief, sculptured pillar, image of buddha, Figurine;, santa isn't feeling depressed-this Figurine has been placed on the ledge of a prague strip club. accordion suite "hui clay Figurine impression""releases" and "plays"

33.okay, do you want to know the true story behind this bunny Figurine?

34.england& like a porcelain Figurine carved into repose, the fetus of a foal floats in a jar. example of such "transformation" is his Figurine series made of fiberglass and oil colors.

36.milan-la gazzetta dello sport spoke to pippo inzaghi after he received a special panini Figurine as compensation for not making the italy world cup squad collection:'i like the Figurines.

37.people liked his clay Figurines very much and gave him the nickname of clay Figurine zhang.