Fescue Sentence Examples | Use Fescue in a sentence

1.the different irrigation quantity has significant effect on growth rate and underground biomass of tall Fescue.

2.loline content of meadow Fescue from new zealand under different treatments

3.description medicago sativa l. tolerance than high Fescue more.

4.study on the establishment and inter-specific competition of the community of the mix-sowing turf of kentucky bluegrass and red Fescue

5.tall Fescue is grown widely in africa, china and south america as turf and as a forage crop for grazing animals, but soil salinity is becoming increasingly problematic in many areas.

6.studies on spike differentiation and regulation of seed production in tall Fescue and kentucky bluegrass

7.among them, the yellow tall Fescue was treated with space technique.

8.effects of nacl on germination of lawn tall Fescue and lolium perenne

9.measuring results had certain reference value to maintenance and management of tall Fescue lawn.

10.study on the effect of coated controlled-release urea on the growth of tall Fescue

11.overall appearance point of view, uniformity of tall Fescue is similar at different fertilization modes.

12.embryogenic callus induction of tall Fescue and its plant regeneration

13.the research aimed to discuss the adaptability of Fescue in ankang area.

14.the results of this study are of valuable in terms of maintenance and management practices of the tall Fescue lawn.

15.in the same addition, the growth situation of alfalfa and ryegrass is better than america chicory and tall Fescue.

16.study on dynamic of arthropod community of tall Fescue turf in spring

17.path analysis on diversity and its main ecological indices of arthropod community in tall Fescue artificial grassland

18.effects of drought stress on germination of tall Fescue

19.the turf could be formed with bermuda grass, tall Fescue and perennial ryegrass when the cement content was low.

20.the influences of multiple factors on callus induction from mature seeds of four turf-type tall Fescue cultivars were studied.

21.effects of simulated nest type stadium on growth of tall Fescue in summer

22.effects of various fertilization treatments on turf quality of tall Fescue .

23.grass types: doak favours the more natural look(Fescue); nicklaus the more manicured look.

24.ornamental grass such as mondo grass, pampas grass, blue Fescue, etc.

25.evaluation of nitrogen release feature of macromolecule polymer coated urea and effects on tall Fescue turf growth

26.study on the effect of coated controlled-release urea on the growth of tall Fescue influence of different treatment with straw and straw's thickness on forming-sod time and turf quality

27.drag onto the page to add an ornamental grass, such as mondo grass, pampas grass, or blue Fescue.

28."the development of a salt tolerant tall Fescue is an important improvement for this species," says zengyu wang of the samuel roberts noble foundation's forage improvement division.

29.stress effects of nacl on germination of tall Fescue

30.effect of n, p, and k fertilizers on the expansibility and root characteristics of tall Fescue

31.the red Fescue showed the adaptability of the salt in slightly salt soil.

32.the reinforcing effect of bermudagrass is better than those of the bahiagrass and tall Fescue.

33.much of the value of the timothy/ meadow Fescue ley for milk production is attributable to its palatability.

34.effect of three plant growth regulators on the growth characteristics and gibberellin content of tall Fescue

35.the growth and turf quality of tall Fescue were studied under different mowing heights and frequencies.

36.adaptation research of fine Fescue turfgrass in lanzhou, china .

37.in experimental grasslands in the midwestern us, we manipulated the presence of the mutualism between tall Fescue and n. coenophialum.