Ferrous Sentence Examples | Use Ferrous in a sentence

1.iron ore in the form of Ferrous carbonate.

2.metals consisting of iron combined with some other elements are known as Ferrous metals; all the other metals are called nonFerrous metals.

3.a third example is the Ferrous sulphide which we mentioned in the previous chapter.

4.the process by which the surface carbon concentration of a Ferrous alloy is increased by diffusion from the surrounding environment.

5.however, existing books often include this topic with their description of Ferrous metals.

6.the action mechanism of rare earth in non Ferrous metals was discussed in detail in this article.

7.and the decline in Ferrous metals, in fact, is also far less than that of non-Ferrous metals.

8.very low viscosity oil for punching stamping of Ferrous non Ferrous material.

9.the electron acceptor used was a ferric salt that was reduced to the Ferrous form during the reaction.

10.powder metallurgy is a highly developed method of manufacturing reliable Ferrous and nonFerrous parts.

11.plastic parts made of hardened pvc , pe or similar materials, and non- Ferrous metal composites, are transferred to a separate utilisation .

12.modern writing inks usually contain Ferrous sulfate with a small amount of an acid; on paper, they darken and bond, becoming permanent.

13.in the coagulation experiment, the Ferrous ions in Ferrous sulfate will affect the chroma removal rate;

14.a fine sand is coated and fired upon a mounted pattern made of Ferrous or aluminum material.

15.to be sure, in the next quite a long historical period, non-Ferrous metal recycling industry will be more normative development.

16.Ferrous metals are those which contain iron.

17.effects of Ferrous mill tailings as aggreagtes on workability and strength of concrete

18.magnetic particle testing is a non-destructive testing method for detection of imperfections on or just below the surface of Ferrous metals.

19.it can be applied to determine the brinell hardness for Ferrous metal and non-Ferrous metal.

20.fs12ais suitable for all Ferrous metals and steel alloys.

21.to distinguish between Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals as well as cavities you can work in this mode.

22.a method for the determination of Ferrous in chromite ores was developed.

23.these projects cover oil, gas and Ferrous metals, non-Ferrous metals and rare metals.

24.among other reagents used have been titanousion, a mixture of Ferrous ion, oxygen, ascorbic acid, and ethylenetetraaminetetraacetic acid.

25.a diffusion method for the preparation of Ferrous oxalate in a gel system was presented.

26.sometimes they'd also add Ferrous oxide to the mix.

27.Ferrous metals, timber, and pulp seem to offer the main field of reduction.

28.comparison of tribological properties of manganese phosphate conversion coating and Ferrous sulfide coating

29.the preparation methods of iron based products were discussed, such as Ferrous or ferric salts, iron oxide pigments, magnetic particles and iron powders.

30.metallic materials are divided into Ferrous and non-Ferrous metal and alloys.

31.principle and technical progress of roasting pyrite blended with Ferrous sulphate monohydrate to produce sulphuric acid are described.

32.indeed, the fact that non-magnetic (non-Ferrous) materials like plates stick to his skin is proof of that.

33.metallurgical workers always try to replace the nonFerrous metals with some Ferrous alloys.

34.comparison study on treatment of wastewater with copper in complex state by processes of Ferrous sulfate and sodium sulfide

35.the water was reacting, with the Ferrous iron in the tank.

36.applicable for acid and alkali welding rods for welding all non Ferrous metals.

37.effects of Ferrous sulfate and Ferrous fumarate on blood indexes of sows and piglets

38.nodules contain a mixture of Ferrous and Ferrous-oxy leghemoglobin.

39.the company handles the domestic and international trade of Ferrous metals, mineral products rare earth products and cable materials.

40.the base body of the heat storage body is made of refractory material, ceramic material, or Ferrous material.