Fee Sentence Examples | Use Fee in a sentence

1.they would not need to pass a test to obtain one but the system would have to be self-financing, requiring applicants to pay a Fee.

2.but by now i haven't known if the manager will be satisfied with my work and how much the Fee will be even though i believe myself.

3.a higher Fee does not necessarily mean a better course.

4.some companies charge a Fee up front, but we don't think that's right.

5.my tuition Fee and money for living!

6.his Fee is a drop in the ocean compared with the real cost of broadcasting.

7.he finally corrected his misstatement and offered to reduce the Fee

8.their son, andy, was recently knocked off his mother's health insurance and only painfully reinstated for a large Fee.

9.how much money do you expect to pay for your normal Fee for every month?

10.the boss of the ballroom excused them the Fee.

11.have you paid the student activity Fee?

12.the student of colleges and universities should pay tuition and accommodation Fee.

13.they charge a £ 66.10 Fee for reconnecting cut-off customers

14.but. . . i guess, ems charge is higher than membership Fee so some of you may be surprised of it.

15.sometimes there's a flat Fee for carrying out a particular task

16.in many cases, the Fee structure alone will exceed the tax benefits accrued.

17.is this money enough for the tuition Fee?

18.you can expect to pay the bank a Fee of around 1% to 2% every time you change money

19.what is included in the Fee?

20.find out how much your surveyor's and solicitor's Fees will be.

21.he has forfeited a lucrative Fee but Feels his well-being is more important

22.they charge a flat Fee.

23.how much is the Fee for preparing two forms for my company?

24.how much is the entrance Fee?

25.a Fee is charged for each year of study and is payable at enrolment.

26.there's a postage and packing Fee in addition to the repair charge.

27.he hadn't paid his television licence Fee.

28.sellers pay a fixed commission Fee.

29.now, like clockwork, the banks and politicians who curry their favor are already trying to stop this Fee from going into effect.

30.the pollutant drainage Fee can be included in the production costs.

31.a. how much will the Fee for one night?

32.clients are not charged by the minute but given unmetered access to the internet for a fixed Fee.

33.in return for my wise counsel, he gave me the only Fee i ever received for legal advice in the elm street diner, a raffle ticket.

34.a week later they asked us for 20pc of the total, sold-out, gross, in advance as an extra Fee.

35.he threatens to dock her Fee

36.however, western music companies have refused to accept the Fee, arguing that roms has no right to represent their interests in russia.

37.we'll split the300000 Fee with you.

38.the youth admitted that he had stiffed horses for a Fee.