Fay Sentence Examples | Use Fay in a sentence

1.mr Fay is to take up an appointment as a researcher with the royal society.

2.Fay recounts the story of how she came to marry her husband, of her unhappiness with him, and of her regret.

3.the largest of the banners and the largest of the lawns belonged to daisy Fay's house.

4.the following year we visited uncle Fay and aunt tattie in bloomington, illinois.

5.Fay spent a year in italy teaching english .

6.i think that's probably just a little tribute to Fay.

7."things are in good order," Fay said in thee-mail.

8.tropical storm Fay lost some of its punch today after making landfall in southwest florida and moving inland.

9.Fay said that deputy executive director mike butz will serve as interim executive director.

10.rev. john lathrop - ancestor of samuel p. bush via his mother harriet Fay.

11.four separate hurricanes-Fay, gustav, hanna, and ike-in the space of 30 days led to the deaths of more than 800 people.

12.a grey smudge appeared on the horizon. that must be calais, thought Fay

13.the word fairy is drawn from Fay (old french fee), which itself comes from the latin fata, the goddess of fate.

14.the studio also set its sights on young men and boys by marketing the movie with emphasis on the action-oriented plot, according to mr. Fay. 'you don't want them to be drag-alongs,' he said.

15.a powerful sorceress in arthurian legend, morgan le Fay is king arthur's half-sister.

16.i'll change my timetable to Fay in with yours.

17.this week, royal mail released a special set of stamps featuring some of the world's most famous wizards, witches and enchanters, from morgan le Fay to albus dumbledore.

18.Fay was so impressive on camera that a special part was written in for her

19.the word fairy is drawn from Fay ( old french fee), which itself comes from the latin fata, the goddess of fate.

20.Fay chang is the object in the second statement.

21.Fay: what a bargain! you'll have to take me with you next time.

22.Fay: ah, i see, because trees absorb carbon dioxide.

23."always follow up to say thank you, " Fay advises.

24.Fay: well, i've just seen jacquie and she told me that she and peter have agreed to separate.

25.morgan le Fay was waving to them from the magic tree house high in the branches.

26.however, his commitment to his work begins to consume him, and he drifts away from Fay.

27.uncle Fay and aunt tattie had left pennsylvania for illinois.

28.tom: hello, this is tom calling from Fay's bakery.

29.in2008, gonaives was again hit by fierce storms, including hurricanes Fay, gustav, hanna and ike.

30.ms. Fay counsels job seekers to look at the misdeeds of the past year or two to identify where new jobs will bloom in the financial sector.

31.Fay told her story, breaking off now and then to wipe the tears form her eyes.

32.the Fay lived in groups called the faerie, between the heavenly and earthly realms.

33.bill and Fay were both weak with laughter.

34.nick from miami, lenny from new york, and Fay and flame.

35.the time of Fay when you feel most energetic is when your cycle of body temperature is at its peak.

36.Fay: oh, i'm not married or seeing anyone.