Farmyard Sentence Examples | Use Farmyard in a sentence

1.he made his way back to the Farmyard where his regiment was encamped. seems to me just the same in the vast human Farmyard.

3.the wolf agreed with him, so the fox went to the Farmyard and stole one of the two lambs. character gets away without a distracting thumbnail biography going back to his Farmyard childhood in the midwest, or wherever. seemed to be merely an ordinary Farmyard, with one big red lantern hanging on each side of the door. on plant diversity and arrangement mode at household Farmyard of rural area, yan'an

7.this was not so unusual as there were lots of wild animals that would wander through the Farmyard at night.

8.the phosphorus fertilizer and Farmyard manure had the best effects on maize yield in drab fluvo-aquic soil.

9.for how could you for a moment think of shutting up a lion with you in the Farmyard, when you know that you shake in your shoes if you only hear his roar at ever so great a distance?

10.the Farmyard must be cleared away entirely, and planted up to shut out the blacksmith's shop.

11.the Farmyard must be moved, i grant you; but i am not aware of anything else.

12.the mouse ran to the Farmyard warning everyone: there is a mousetrap in the house, there is a mousetrap in the house.

13.the first set is a pastoral scene: a cricket match, meadows covered in real grass and live animals-including some 70 sheep, a dozen horses and an assortment of geese and other Farmyard stock.

14.Farmyard manure spreader with horizontal roller distributing mechanism, for fertilizer distributors, seeding, planting or transplanting machines

15.all the animals in the Farmyard bit him and pushed him, too. everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the Farmyard for the soup's main ingredient.

17.the Farmyard was quiet, with just a few chickens scratching about.

18.a cock, scratching in the Farmyard for food for the hens, turned up a precious stone that shone and sparked in the sun.

19.the animals were in the fields, and the hens were pecking in Farmyard.

20.everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the Farmyard for the soup's main ingredient.

21.Farmyard news flash! i've got some good news and some bad news.

22.the narrow lane ended abruptly in a Farmyard.

23.we could hear the piglets squealing as we entered the Farmyard. the year of applying Farmyard manure, various trace elements needed in crops are in natural circulation state.

25.according to the definition the concept of the harden ground, the harden ground is classified as road, town block and Farmyard.

26.i disliked the messy Farmyard.

27.the children made a Farmyard picture using stencils.

28.the road passes a Farmyard. can pat the cow in the Farmyard.

30.the cock crowed in the Farmyard.

31.hens and a pet sheep wandered about the Farmyard.

32.the results showed that the Farmyard system got more benefit than the luhua lake system did from the point of view of monetary profit.

33.well,@ answered the fox,@ i know a Farmyard. there are two young lambs there.

34.effect of Farmyard manure dose on single fruit weight and on leaf diameter of kiwi

35.two cooks once fought to decide who should be the king of the Farmyard.

36.children's books often depict Farmyard animals as gentle, lovable creatures.