Far Sentence Examples | Use Far in a sentence

1.how Far did the film tell the truth about barnes wallis?

2.they came from as Far away as florida

3.it only lasted a couple of years, as Far as i know

4.it's still not clear how Far the russian parliament will go to implement its own plans

5.do not be Far from me, for trouble is near and there is no one to help.

6.i hadn't been Far wrong in my estimate

7.of course, it's a case of so Far, so good, but it's only one step.

8.i can't see any Farther than the next six months

9.while the president had declared an end to major hostilities, the harsh reality was that the war was Far from over.

10.it's been quiet so Far

11.google hasn't disclosed how much money the company has devoted to the project so Far.

12.that's the problem as Far as i can see

13.how Far is pawtucket from providence?

14.but nato is Far from winning the war, and the ragged afghan insurgents seem to have more staying power than the wests mighty alliance.

15.'does it sound like music?' — 'i wouldn't go that Far.'

16.i know a nice little italian restaurant not Far from here

17.in his last few days the pain seemed to have stopped, but by then he was so Far gone that it was no longer any comfort

18.pessimists, however, say that it is still Far from clear that the measures are dramatic or speedy enough to allay all attack.

19.it was obvious that much of what they recorded was Far from the truth

20.yet, if shahabpur is any guide at all, the boom may be more Far-reaching than is often supposed.

21.so Far the early movers are trying to demonstrate that their funds will benefit china's broader interests.

22.by Far the most important issue for them is unemployment

23.i was very impressed with the talent of michael ball. he will go Far.

24.if you remember these three golden rules you won't go Far wrong.

25.both of my sisters moved even Farther away from home

26.being dyslexic does not mean that one is unintelligent. Far from it.

27.and so Far, not even the combined official powers of the fed and treasury have been able to stop the cascading disasters.

28.he's still Far and away the best we have.

29.Far be it from me to criticise, but shouldn't their mother take a share of the blame?

30.volunteers came from Far and wide

31.i've spent a lot of time walking around britain from the Far north of scotland down to cornwall

32.discussions never progressed very Far

33.women who eat plenty of fresh vegetables are Far less likely to suffer anxiety or depression

34."so we are to travel Far away to a ship where people might be held hostage, " anakin said shrewdly. "it sure sounds like a mission to me. "

35.their loyalty only went so Far

36.i had fallen so Far behind that it seemed pointless trying to catch up.

37.thus Far, the two prime ministers have achieved no concrete results.

38.his plan for tax relief is fine as Far as it goes but will not be sufficient to get the economy moving again.

39.the Far right is now a greater threat than the extreme left

40.he had wandered to the Far end of the room