Factor Sentence Examples | Use Factor in a sentence

1.each Factor has been numbered.

2.environmentalists say a critical Factor in the city's pollution is its population

3.elasticity of substitution----a measure of the degree to which two Factor inputs complement or substitute for one another in production.

4.geographical distance is also a Factor.

5.no single Factor appears to dominate.

6.she plastered herself from head to toe in high Factor sun lotion.

7.you'd better consider this and Factor this into your decision making.

8.age is not a Factor in cataract surgery.

9.physical activity is an important Factor in maintaining fitness.

10.what is in common in both cases is the presence of romanian state in shareholders structure, which seems to be an important risk Factor.

11.while his hushed vocals were a constant Factor in all of his albums, this was the closest drake came to being in a rock band.

12.still, analysts said the risk Factor driving currencies is likely to remain intact until the end of the year.

13.he's keen, but his youth is a minus Factor.

14.this shows that durability and persistence is a key Factor affecting the performance of business events.

15.human effort is the decisive Factor.

16.there were obvious signs of the feel-good Factor in the last survey taken in the wake of the election result.

17.this, of course, is a huge risk Factor.

18.happily, as is often the case with such forays into terra quasi-incognita, the serendipity Factor comes into play.

19.while estimating the measurement model, this paper confirms the structural validity of every variable by the confirmatory Factor analysis.

20.stress, both human and mechanical, may also be a contributing Factor.

21.for one thing, the app attrition rate is often a Factor in calculating store sizes.

22.some analysts said the decisive Factor in the defeat of the party that backs musharraf, the pakistan muslim league (pml), was the president.

23.one Factor thought to have worked in his favour is his working class image

24.it involves the same parameter as that involved in the enhancement Factor for coagulation of two equally charged particles.

25.the single most important Factor that separates ordinary photographs from good photographs is the lighting

26.heredity is not a Factor in causing the cancer.

27.obesity is a major risk Factor in many diseases.

28.this Factor assumes increasing importance.

29.the major Factor in the decision to stay or to leave was usually professional

30.heredity is one Factor.

31.by taking account of the latte Factor i find it easy to save this much.

32.i think the historical Factor is overplayed, that it really doesn't mean much.

33.luck is certainly one deciding Factor.

34.the might of the army could prove a decisive Factor.

35.time would appear to be the significant Factor in this whole drama.

36.mass movements are often a Factor in the awakening and renovation of stagnant societies.

37.even a problem as simple as a bad back often has an underlying triggering Factor.

38.we now know that repressing anger is a contributory Factor in many physical illnesses.

39.all that indicated that the cooperation of parents'gca and gd was the major Factor in yield's transformation.