Eyeful Sentence Examples | Use Eyeful in a sentence

1.residents of santiago, chile got a bit of an Eyeful on sunday, as the city experienced its first world naked bike ride event.

2.perhaps the person of that in a dream hides deep place at the white cloud, past fog of the Eyeful, was fond of me to return of footstep.

3.and at this time i have a Eyeful watery tears.

4.the colorful scenes and visual spectacle gives audiences a real Eyeful.

5.the new green, green, green, green Eyeful yes, gentle with our line of sight.

6.when kanlou car into a residential door, she was deeply attracted by the Eyeful of green, and that the goldfish pond.

7.shadow of will gules eye from eyelid intermediate dot to end of eye head, eye dizzy leave, till shop Eyeful nest.

8.a person to see him frantically in a small road running Eyeful of tears, we can not help but go to school for the town to have the slightest fear of aspiration.

9.conceived a mountain to spend lousy again, the setting sun dissolved a gold, roseate clouds Eyeful.

10.the tourists will get an Eyeful of the city from the top of that tall building.

11.now the highlight color, a slightly lighter peach. she was a statuesque redheaded Eyeful.

12.quick! come and get an Eyeful of this!

13.shanghai first got here, and see Eyeful of construction, lavish comprador culture, not to worry.

14.a jia yu level, you look, Eyeful is endless sand, the only a clump of yu, a cluster with fully point the awaken of spring.

15.then she bent over and gave him an Eyeful of her tattoos.

16.Eyeful rose willow catkins foggy dissolve a corner of the sky.

17.she was a statuesque redheaded Eyeful.

18."come and get an Eyeful of this!" exclaimed his wife in the room.

19.the bottle cap popped off and he got an Eyeful of seltzer.

20.down bait, the fishing rod is inserted in the side, all around. i not comfortable, looked up a, Eyeful is green.

21.the bottle cap popped off and he got an Eyeful of beer. we put back the cork and we put the bottle back into the hot water.

22.she's quite an Eyeful!

23.spring road, he cultivated a frivolous summer mania, summer's manic energy depletion in the autumn, the autumn leaves painted Eyeful of that decline to weather the decline.

24.today i went to black dragon's tam the first time, let me look at plum Eyeful, feeling happiness.