Extremities Sentence Examples | Use Extremities in a sentence

1.the doctor feels and listens to her neck, asks her to look at his moving finger, listens to her heart and taps her Extremities for reflexes.

2.he developed a pruritic erythematous maculopapular rash on his lower Extremities.

3.objective to study the complications and the countermeasures of Extremities fractures treated by unilateral external fixator.

4.neurological examination revealed that she had cogwheel rigidity and bradykinesia in her right upper and lower Extremities.

5.in the past, the region had been protected by its forbidding geography and the Extremities of its climate

6.retrospective literature and chart review of children with cerebral palsy after soft tissue releases in lower Extremities.

7.objective to investigate the treatment effect of deep venous thrombosis of lower Extremities with fibrinolysin.

8.she presented with paraesthesia in her Extremities, numbness of her lower legs and intermittent sharp pains in her feet.

9.in patients with intermediate to high pretest probability of dvt in the lower Extremities, they recommend using ultrasound.

10.anemic-appearing macules of the Extremities that fluctuate with temperature and position have been referred to as bier spots.

11.objective to analyze the relative factors of early-term restenosis after artificially grafting bypasses on chronic ischemia of lower Extremities.

12.he found that his Extremities grew cold

13.destiny has some Extremities which rise perpendicularly from the impossible, and beyond which life is no longer anything but a precipice.

14.what if there was tingling in his Extremities prior to the crash?

15.most cramps occur in the Extremities especially with the legs.

16.i think i'm starting to get some feeling back in my Extremities.

17.objective to understand the significance of internal fixation in the treatment of multiple fractures in low Extremities.

18.you worryabout motor function, and it appears that she's moving her Extremities.

19.objective: to explore the cause of thrombosis in lower Extremities post burn and its treating method.

20.blood flows from the Extremities to the legs so you're ready to run. your hands get cold first.

21.it did not, but soon he felt feverish: his pulse quickened, his Extremities became cold, his head throbbed.

22.limb salvage for patients with malignant soft tissue tumor of the Extremities;

23.exercise is very important as it keeps the circulation moving and warms the Extremities.

24.partial paralysis of the lower Extremities. sit or lie with one's limbs spread out.

25.free transplantation of anterolateral femoral skin flap for repairing of soft tissue defects in distal part of Extremities;

26.the painful side effects this has on your muscles and Extremities (arms, legs, hands, feet, head) are nothing compared to the heart hazards.

27.do you frequently experience tingling or numbness in your Extremities?

28.arterial occlusive diseases; lower Extremities ischemia; blood vessel prosthesis; vascular surgical procedures.

29.it results in shortness of breath, fatigue and edema, a buildup of fluids in the lungs and Extremities such as the ankles.

30.cold affects the Extremities first.

31.after metastatic spinal cord center of the back pain or lesions, and the Extremities or trunk of bone metastases arising from the limitations of the site of pain.

32.examination revealed multiple firm, mobile and nontender subcutaneous nodules on her upper and lower Extremities.

33.radiological diagnosis of intracranial vascular stenosis and occlusive disease the observation of surgical treatment in lower Extremities arteriosclerosis obliterans

34.it may not be something between two Extremities, but a cycle and loop without ends.

35.through the pressure of the barbell exercises, strength athletes, especially the waist and lower Extremities strength rapidly increased, running and jumping ability by leaps and bounds.

36.lesions often from the lower Extremities toe, the foot gradually to the legs and small development.

37.the blood was surging through is body, through all his Extremities and pounding against the tips of his fingers, the tips of his toes.

38.both armies were guilty of Extremities.

39.it's the lack of movement and the pooling of blood in the Extremities that increases the risk.

40.blood flows from the Extremities to legs so you are ready to run, your hands get cold first .