Extendible Sentence Examples | Use Extendible in a sentence

1.therefore this paper which study the configuration innovative design method, and designs& analyses the Extendible support structure for planar antenna, has vital significance to upgrade our astronautic space technology and high precision earth observation.

2.in this paper, an Extendible adaptive optics wave-front processor has been presented.

3.a general and Extendible implementation for programming wavelet transforms based on lifting scheme

4.this method should be Extendible to prepare composite particles of other materials.

5.structural analysis for spring locking pieces of Extendible nozzle

6.the effects of the Extendible exit cone on stability of the thrust vector control system

7.the platform system is programming language-independent and Extendible.

8.the immunity-based multi-agent intrusion detection system is designed to be flexible, Extendible, and adaptable that it can perform real-time monitoring in accordance with the needs and preferences of administrators.

9.a programming method based on Extendible object

10.an indoor tv antenna; 2 Extendible rods forming a v.

11.as a result, the program is reusable, Extendible, easy to understand, and easy to use.

12.there are many advantages in value-added service platform based on the soa, such as loosely-coupled coupling, reusable, Extendible.

13.the deployable performance of Extendible support structure is verified by kinematics simulation, and the kinematics parameter curves of the key components are measured.

14.mechanics analysis on the spatial mechanism of double Extendible nozzle

15.the depiction of this paper is available to the design of locking mechanism of Extendible nozzle.

16.it focuses on the design of Extendible supervisory control simulation system. it introduces the design idea of the system, system architecture and software organization architecture and mainly discusses function modules of the system.

17.Extendible : sofa control already supports a great number of applications.

18.the transient temperature field and thermal stress analysis of Extendible nozzle with actuating cylinder system in deployment

19.the effects of the Extendible exit cone on stability of the thrust vector control system of largescale solid rocket motor are presented and the measures for improving the system stability are suggested.

20.the experiment result shows that the mfta_vtl algorithm is stable and Extendible .

21.this dissertation mainly study the option pricing problem of the Extendible option.

22.the transient temperature and stress analysis of Extendible nozzle with jettisonable deployment system

23.therefore, we make an exhaustive research on traditional Extendible hash, and successfully structure a two-layer hash model, which supports dynamic adt dictionary, by combining the traditional hash and the improved version.

24.for the demand of Extendible support structure of planar antenna, three kinds of schemes are presented.

25.study on the mechanical analysis of the Extendible beam of airborne roofbolter and its construction technology

26.the second layer employs the above-mentioned Extendible hash, self-adaptively rehashing the conflicting dictionary elements according to the situation.

27.the same quality materials could be used in the making of these Extendible handles.

28.the research and implementation of Extendible supervisory control simulation system based on ads technology

29.characteristics analysis of the extending process for an Extendible nozzle

30.chapter three mainly study the Extendible option under the diffusion process of the stochastic interest rate.

31.a new designed lightweight one stage Extendible exit cone nozzle with the unique deployment system thrown out ( eecdt) is presented.

32.research of the Extendible cluster of parallel computer system

33.responsive, flexible, and Extendible infrastructure

34.as mentioned, it provides more information and is easily Extendible.

35.to adjust to new requirements, traditional document analysis structure is simplified and modified. with its flexible and Extendible interfaces, the system can cooperate with newly developed character recognition systems.

36.this paper presents an Extendible method to visualize data structures, and the basic algorithms frame of the key layout for various data structures visualization.

37.the xz-sj Extendible heater was a valid heating device for the oil transportation in winter in northern china.

38.fig5. beware managers who use rotary pencils with extra fine Extendible leads, they're usually precise with your operation to seconds.