Extended Sentence Examples | Use Extended in a sentence

1.the dealership is starting a promotional campaign, whereby it is trying to push a two-year Extended warranty to its past customers.

2.defense planners predict an Extended period of retrenchment.

3.the training covers Extended periods in obstetrics and gynaecology.

4.zhaodong was comprehensively evaluated as the best variety and was more suitable to be Extended and planted in harbin area.

5.the task of producing the text was made easier by the unstinting help and generosity Extended to me.

6.he fell asleep with his body Extended on the grass.

7.allow at least a month to renew a regular ssl certificate and a longer lead time for the new Extended validation (ev) certificates.

8.the state has Extended her merchant fleet phenomenally.

9.parallel lines will never meet no matter how far Extended

10.i suppose it is in the back of your mind [that city had already won and Extended the lead at the top to eight points].

11.the french entente with great britain had already been significantly Extended

12.they would be easy to shoot down, consume inordinate amounts of fuel, and had few advantages to counter an Extended list of cons.

13.his right arm was Extended up beside his head, still holding on to a coffee cup

14.because if you give people confidence right now that it's going to be Extended you take out a bunch of uncertainty.

15.the trough of low pressure Extended over about 1000 kilometres.

16.we are beginning to muddle the Extended royal family and the monarchy.

17.can the deadline be Extended a few more days?

18.obviously, any child who receives dedicated teaching over an Extended period is likely to improve.

19.instead, a robed figure stood there, at the top of a ramp Extended like an impudent tongue from the side of the sentinels' ship.

20.loans were Extended to help pay the interest on the old ones.

21.period may be Extended upon expiration ( through agreement).

22.they have Extended the deadline by twenty-four hours.

23.the range could do with being Extended.

24.straighten both legs until they are fully Extended

25.we have Extended the time limit for claims until july 30.

26.a shelf of land Extended from the escarpment.

27.the year 1886 witnessed the first Extended translation into english of the writings of eliphas levi

28.an Extended family enriches life in many ways

29.they have Extended the potential life span of humanity everywhere.

30.the trip has been Extended to include a few other events

31.the 1867 reform act Extended the franchise to much of the male working class.

32.this trust is usually Extended to code that may not really count as part of the operating system but still needs to run in the kernel.

33.his interests Extended beyond the fine arts to international politics and philosophy.

34.she warmly Extended both hands towards us.

35.existing knowledge was the storehouse of the past; it had to be thoroughly explored and constantly Extended.

36.i think that was one of the first scenes where we all got to work together for an Extended period of time so it was nice.

37.the story she told was certainly colourful, and Extended over her life in england, germany and spain.

38.the pregnant woman in such a community has the support of all the womenfolk in her Extended family.