Exquisitely Sentence Examples | Use Exquisitely in a sentence

1.traditional Exquisitely woven chinese carpets sell well all over the world.

2.the more Exquisitely and delightfully you can do nothing, the higher your life's achievement.

3.as such, it is a requisite for the Exquisitely complex movements of speech.

4.this collotype of the mona lisa is Exquisitely printed.

5.during the break, we are enjoying the Exquisitely prepared food.

6.he look at me kind of Exquisitely and he said: "this is not fun."

7.this machine is Exquisitely designed and altered on the basis of absorbing and digesting the foreign equipments.

8.watery, translucent, often Exquisitely carved and with gentle greenish or a white sheen, items made of this kind of beautiful stone were quite popular at the imperial court.

9.the chinese art jade carvings are Exquisitely wrought and extraordinarily beautiful.

10.rachel is an Exquisitely behaved child.

11.with chinese characteristics Exquisitely to see your economic situation and the landlord of the preferences.

12.even on hot summer days, the Exquisitely decorated stone-slab chairs are always cool to the touch.

13.i understand my inadequacy, very what catch educational news Exquisitely to be not me is long.

14.for a small fee, the producers of your favorite musician will tweak her performance to Exquisitely match the acoustics of your living room.

15.the over 170 steles with Exquisitely carved inscriptions were all made of the taihu lake stone.

16.chinese stitchery, you know, is beautifully patterned and Exquisitely embroidered.

17.the cat was a tiny thing, Exquisitely formed, with a delicate skull and beautiful markings.

18.as is well know, our tablecloth is Exquisitely make and moderately priced.

19.cut from a cedar wood, it is Exquisitely carved, inlaid and painted.

20.forget an extravagant bouquet of roses or an Exquisitely packaged box of chocolates this valentine's day.

21.this jade article is really Exquisitely made.

22.he look at me kind of Exquisitely and he said: "this is not fun. "

23.the distinction can be Exquisitely subtle, the writer showing his hand in just a single word.

24.the figures are crafted so vividly and Exquisitely.

25.he wore an Exquisitely tailored gray silk and accessories to match.

26.an Exquisitely designed new hotel, jade, the rendezvous pavilion, the flavor is the best area of a garden-style, one of the eco-hotel.

27.he plays chopin Exquisitely.

28.traditional houses, however, are still Exquisitely built.

29.and her unflinching love for the village teacher were Exquisitely captured and presented by the director.

30.russell crowe Exquisitely captures nash's passion for his wife, his work, and his unending hunger for excellence.

31.the delicate and Exquisitely embroidered bed curtain and quilt both feature a hundred playing children.

32.landscape stone-these Exquisitely carved stone landscapes are natural stones.

33.rats have an Exquisitely sensitive sense of smell and can crawl just about anywhere.

34.she was Exquisitely fashioned in very small texture and detail.

35.these Exquisitely ornate boxes and cabinets have been handmade and hand-painted by indian craftspeople.

36.the facade of the temple is Exquisitely decorated with plaster mouldings and murals of auspicious motifs.

37.on scrutiny they proved to be french compositions, written in a hard peculiar, but compact and Exquisitely clean and clear.

38.he seems to quite like my company, but he's Exquisitely polite so i might be misreading him.

39.he left a pause, Exquisitely timed to show he was joking.