Explicate Sentence Examples | Use Explicate in a sentence

1.we will use the cuban missile crisis of 1962 as an extended case study to Explicate the concept.

2.the compensation hypothesis aims to Explicate the mechanism involved in fl learning.

3.so those were really good three Explicate purposes that we identified at the beginning.

4.that is the way we used to look at things, and that world is called the Explicate order.

5.in the jin dynasty mathematicians used both text and image to Explicate mathematical knowledge, and cartographers synthesised the principles of painting and drawing.

6.this paper will try to Explicate the theoretical implications in the conclusion.

7.we shall have to Explicate its basic assumptions before we can assess its implications.

8.this paper proposes the notion of "the acceptance degree of category", and tries to Explicate the above problems with it.

9.my analysis will be mostly an attempt to Explicate what the cox report would have said if they had been able to properly weigh the conflicting arguments.

10.the british nuclear physicist david bohm said that it seems that there are two kinds of order, the Explicate order and the implicate order.

11.the accelerator has been fruitfully combined to Explicate economic dynamics.

12.this paper attempts to Explicate through exemplification and comparison the thematic diversity and diction ambiguity of the poem.

13.memetics is a newly developed theory aiming to Explicate the evolutionary mechanisms of culture from the perspective of darwinism.

14.the aim is to Explicate for the user of modern tci systems the underlying scientific concepts and the relevance for clinical practice.

15.then, combined with the tax substantive law, Explicate how the new tax model rely on the existing tax kind to design the derating plan.

16.in the second section, we Explicate the guidelines under which to implement the pbl teaching method and the details about how it's employed in philosophy courses.

17.the second part: to mainly Explicate the thought of people's highest purpose theory in kant's philosophy.

18.at that time, the image-numberology was criticized by buddhist scholars, who still took use of image-numberology to Explicate the phenomenal realm.

19.in the Explicate order, everything seems to exist outside of everything else, like a flower is outside of the table, the flower is outside of the earth, is outside of the wind, of the cloud.

20.it will Explicate the historical and societal contexts from which modern schooling system and its policies are generated.

21.in this essay, i will use the institution and institutionalizing perspectives to Explicate the significance of social capital in the educational system.

22.please Explicate more on the questions, as they are important.

23.we Explicate the phenomena in theory.

24.i can Explicate them best by invoking karl popper's theory of scientific method .

25.it also Explicate the foundation of administrative adjudicaiton system and the meaning of the existence of administrative adjudication.

26.this article tries to Explicate these problems to improve our study of causation.

27.if you would think about education from the Explicate point of view, and we think about the school age of youngsters'population, there is no doubt that content is very, very important.

28.informal activities that help the student define, Explicate and test his values.

29.but at present it is still one of the greatest challenges to Explicate the mechanism of long-term adaptation in specific brain regions. conclusion: boys are more likely to get addicted to computer games than girls.

30.then i will Explicate in the third part the philosophy of history of kant which i call the model of perpetual peace.

31.a study was carried out to Explicate the basic characteristics of ancient paddy soils at chuodun site, in order to achieve better comprehension of the mechanisms of the sustainability of paddy soil.

32.the europeans ( buttressed by a few experts from poor countries ) are there to Explicate , and are set up as good guys and bad guys .

33.through blog's public it can Explicate the sharing knowledge and building culture atmosphere.

34.it can't, on the other hand, Explicate the theory basis of both the right loss of true owner and the right acquisition of bona fide assignee.

35.in this paper, i will Explicate the virtue of self-reliance via detailed analysis of all the five women characters.

36.the europeans ( buttressed by a few experts from poor countries) are there to Explicate, and are set up as good guys and bad guys.

37.english major: you Explicate simile and metaphor in the parachute instructions.