Executor Sentence Examples | Use Executor in a sentence

1.call to Executor threads handle incoming rpcs from the rpc runtime.

2.the torque system includes three daemon processes: the server, the scheduler, and the job Executor.

3.if named a co-Executor of the estate, katherine jackson would also be entitled to a sizeable Executor's fee.

4.jpdl integrates very closely with standard java and it leverages the job Executor from the process virtual machine to deliver asynchronous continuations and timers.

5.the primary function of the will is the appointment of Executor/ trustee to execute the estate.

6.simply supply data that the test Executor can reuse automatically instead of manually entering it into the application.

7.there are two options of configuring custom Executor – workflow variables and/ or action configuration.

8.the method of designing a common-used concurrent ttcn test Executor is proposed in this paper.

9.the Executor was the first of a new generation of immense warships, lending its name to the Executor-class star dreadnought.

10.because the Executor pattern encapsulated execution for all services, a common exception-handling strategy was applied to all services.

11.don't take this decision lightly. unlike an Executor, this could be a continuing role. '

12.the Executor of the document must be presented at the close of the deal.

13.this time the leader of the protoss fleet, Executor tassadar, deployed ground forces in an effort to save the planet.

14.next, it starts the all the call Executor threads to listen for incoming rpcs.

15.modern government is the establisher and Executor of management standards.

16.it exists to decouple task submission from how a task is actually executed within an Executor implementation.

17.so you are on your own if you want to create and use Executor instances throughout your code.

18.but shanda is different in the sense that it is both an excellent starter and Executor.

19.the man named his lawyer as his Executor.

20.everyone is an enforcer, or what locke calls "the Executor" of the state of nature, and he means Executor literally.

21.to serve as an inspector, liquidator, bankruptcy administrator, or Executor of a will, or in any other fiduciary capacity.

22.there is no business of any Executor or tax collector in the future.

23.a teacher, the direct organizer and Executor in education, is the most fundamental power and guarantee.

24.his uncle is the Executor of his mother's will.

25.he was named Executor of his brother's will.

26.if you left a will, your Executor could sell your possessions, pay off the mortgage and give your kids their inheritances in a few weeks.

27."norman told me that bernie was the Executor of his will, " said carmen.

28.you must present your demands to the Executor.

29.a trust company can be named as an Executor or personal representative in a last will and testament.

30.you might be wondering what an Executor is and how the background processing in gparsExecutorspool works.

31.the really cool thing about Executor is that you can setup keywords that are assigned to specific tasks.

32.the Executor tried to comply with the intent of the testator.

33.death of a parent. you may be the Executor of the estate, but now may not be a good time to bone up on all the complexities involved.

34.proxy/ Executor-all calls from service interface are delegated to proxy/ Executor.

35.pooling was applied in the Executor to achieve efficient use of thread resources.

36.no bank was named Executor of that estate.

37.it was my duty as her Executor to go through her personal papers.

38.irrigated area is building of engineering irrigation, Executor that water resource allocate.

39.the Executor implementation was modified to initialize services the first time they received a message.

40.the Executor recursively steps through the plan tree and retrieves rows in the way represented by the plan.