Established Sentence Examples | Use Established in a sentence

1.'our two nations are trying to do something never been done in history, ' she said. 'when an Established power and a rising power meet. '

2.therefore, the point of the rural healthy system reform is to be Established the new rural cms and to propel it to social medical care.

3.launch banks of education and Established the education funds, trying to develop more origins to support the ordinary high school.

4.most interestingly, they are demanding that a national working party on crimes against women and children be Established.

5.forster Established the essentiality of minerals as accessory food factors required for maintaining life.

6.the permissions Established for a directory also apply to its subdirectories, unless configuration files in a subdirectory override them.

7.the treaty of rome, which Established the european community.

8.he has Established his theory.

9.singapore and south africa have Established diplomatic relations.

10.since the establishment of the company, after years of development, has Established a high-quality team and professional platform.

11.a bridgehead was Established.

12.these developments represented a major change in the Established order.

13.solomon son of david Established himself firmly over his kingdom, for the lord his god was with him and made him exceedingly great. was Established that the missile had landed on a test range in australia.

15.the fact was Established after investigation. 1932, he Established a school and artists 'colony in stone city, iowa.

17.he has Established himself as a pivotal figure in us politics

18.we had already Established contact with the museum theory is Established on the solid basis of facts.

20.the ownership of the island has long been Established beyond dispute.

21.the company Established itself firmly in business.

22.this Established a strong corporate image.

23.he Established himself as a session musician.

24.the tribunals were Established for the well-integrated members of society and not for marginal individuals

25.their religious adherence is not to the Established church.

26.the yuan dynasty Established its capital in dadu, now beijing.

27.old Established friends are notably absent, so it's a good opportunity to make new contacts

28.germany is pushing for direct flights to be Established. was his brilliant performance in 'my left foot' that Established his reputation. cannot be regarded as definitely Established.

31.but the framework of a reading revolution had been Established. all that remained was trying to determine what the "real" revolution was. stress is well Established as a chief reason for divorce

33.the police soon Established his true identity and he was quickly found.

34.none of these four revolutionary forces can be dispensed with if a revolutionary base area is to be Established.

35.a mathematical model of the system composed of the vibration absorber with a base and coupled with an ends-fixed beam is Established.

36.they said that at least 12 asian countries pushed friday at the hanoi meeting for a dispute mechanism to be Established. conciliation, cooperation is Established.

38.he Established one-man rule in his country seven months ago.

39.the un has Established detailed criteria for who should be allowed to vote